The Liga Portuguesa de Basquetebol (English: Portuguese Basketball League) is the top men's professional club basketball league in Portugal.


From the 2008–09 season onward, the competition has been again organised by the Federação Portuguesa de Basquetebol (Portuguese Basketball Federation) after not having been for 13 seasons. This was caused by the fold of the LPB after many years of financial problems, with the league now being a semi-professional league.

Between the 1965–66 and 1973–74 seasons, the league champions were determined by a tournament between the winners of the Campeonato Metropolitano (representing Portugal) and the champions of the then Portuguese colonies Mozambique and Angola, as a similar fashion to the Portuguese Roller Hockey First Division, which was also played during those seasons. However, the first of these tournaments never came to be because of a protest launched by Mozambican team Sporting de Lourenço Marques.