Date R Home vs Away -
02/28 01:00 9 Gavea vs View
02/28 00:30 8 Gavea vs View
02/28 00:00 7 Gavea vs View
02/27 23:30 6 Gavea vs View
02/27 23:00 5 Gavea vs View
02/27 22:30 4 Gavea vs View
02/27 22:00 3 Gavea vs View
02/27 21:30 2 Gavea vs View
02/27 21:00 1 Gavea vs View
02/27 01:00 9 Gavea vs View
02/27 00:30 8 Gavea vs View
02/27 00:00 7 Gavea vs View


The Gavea Horse Racing Tournament is a prestigious and thrilling event held at the Gavea Hippodrome in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Known for its rich history and vibrant atmosphere, this tournament attracts horse racing enthusiasts from all over the world.

The Gavea Hippodrome, with its stunning backdrop of the Tijuca Forest and the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue, provides a picturesque setting for this exhilarating competition. The tournament features a series of high-stakes races, showcasing the finest thoroughbred horses and skilled jockeys.

The Gavea Horse Racing Tournament is renowned for its competitive spirit and intense racing action. Spectators can feel the adrenaline rush as the horses thunder down the track, their hooves pounding against the ground, and the crowd cheering them on. The atmosphere is electric, with the cheers and shouts of the spectators creating an unforgettable experience.

The tournament offers a variety of races, ranging from sprints to longer distances, ensuring there is something for every racing enthusiast. The horses and jockeys participating in the Gavea Horse Racing Tournament are among the best in the world, making each race a display of exceptional talent and skill.

In addition to the thrilling races, the Gavea Horse Racing Tournament also offers a range of entertainment and amenities for spectators. From gourmet food stalls to live music performances, there is something to cater to every taste. The tournament also provides a platform for fashion enthusiasts to showcase their style, with many attendees dressing up in their finest attire.

Whether you are a seasoned horse racing fan or a first-time spectator, the Gavea Horse Racing Tournament promises an unforgettable experience. From the heart-pounding races to the vibrant atmosphere, this tournament is a celebration of the beauty and excitement of horse racing. Come and witness the thrill of the Gavea Horse Racing Tournament and be a part of this iconic event in the world of horse racing.