Basketball Africa League Qualification

Basketball Africa League Qualification


The Basketball Africa League (BAL) is the premier men's basketball league in Africa. Founded in 2019, the organization was established by both the National Basketball Association (NBA) and International Basketball Federation (FIBA).

Each season typically runs from March to May, and in the current format the league consists of twelve teams. Each of the teams qualify through their performance in their domestic competition, a meritocratic system similar to the format of the UEFA Champions League. Six teams qualify directly, while six others have to play in the Road to BAL. The season exists out of three conferences and uses playoffs to determine the champions. The BAL champions of each season automatically qualify for the FIBA Intercontinental Cup.

The first season was held in 2021 and thus far, three champions have won the competion.


President of Rwanda Paul Kagame at a ceremony for the unveiling of the BAL logo at Kigali Arena, Kigali, Rwanda, 19 December 2019

On 16 February 2019 the National Basketball Association and FIBA announced plans to establish a continental professional basketball league. During a press conference at the 2019 NBA All-Star weekend, NBA commissioner Adam Silver elaborated on plans to establish the league. He stated that the league will feature 12 teams after qualification tournaments in late 2019. The countries that could possibly host a team include; Angola, Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa and Tunisia. Silver also hinted at the involvement of former U.S. president Barack Obama in an unspecified role. In May 2019, Amadou Gallo Fall was assigned by the NBA as the first president of the BAL. In September 2019, BAL announced the venues and cities for the inaugural season, which included a Final Four played in Kigali Arena in Kigali, Rwanda.

On 15 October 2019, the qualifying tournaments for the inaugural season began, with teams from 32 African countries participating. The start of the BAL was eventually postponed twice due to the disruptive COVID-19 pandemic. The first BAL game was played on 16 May 2021, in the Kigali Arena in Kigali, Rwanda, which hosted the entire tournament. The season was held in a bio-secure bubble with only limited attendance allowed. On 30 May, Zamalek from Egypt won the first-ever BAL championship after beating US Monastir in the inaugural final.

The following season, the league expanded it format with five-team conferences (the Sahara and Nile Conference), which were held in Dakar and Cairo. The playoffs were held in Kigali.

The Basketball Africa League Qualification is an exhilarating basketball tournament that brings together the best teams from across the African continent. This highly anticipated event serves as a platform for teams to showcase their skills and compete for a coveted spot in the prestigious Basketball Africa League (BAL).

The tournament features intense matchups between talented teams, each vying for the opportunity to represent their country in the BAL. With a strong emphasis on promoting basketball talent in Africa, this qualification tournament serves as a stepping stone for teams to prove their worth and earn a place in the continent's premier basketball league.

The Basketball Africa League Qualification showcases the rich diversity of African basketball, with teams from various countries showcasing their unique playing styles, strategies, and talents. The tournament is a true celebration of African basketball, highlighting the immense passion and dedication that players and fans alike have for the sport.

Fans can expect to witness high-energy games filled with fast-paced action, incredible athleticism, and skillful displays of basketball prowess. The tournament provides a platform for emerging talents to shine, as well as an opportunity for established teams to solidify their dominance in the African basketball scene.

The Basketball Africa League Qualification not only serves as a thrilling sporting event but also plays a significant role in fostering unity and camaraderie among African nations. It brings together players, coaches, and fans from different backgrounds, creating a vibrant atmosphere of sportsmanship and cultural exchange.

As teams battle it out on the court, the tournament also serves as a source of inspiration for aspiring young basketball players across Africa. It showcases the potential for success and the opportunities that basketball can provide, encouraging the next generation to pursue their dreams and strive for excellence in the sport.

Overall, the Basketball Africa League Qualification is a captivating tournament that showcases the best of African basketball. It is a testament to the immense talent and passion that exists within the continent, while also serving as a platform for growth, development, and the promotion of basketball in Africa.