DateRHome vs Away-
02/24 18:30 11 Ipora EC vs Vila Nova View
02/24 18:30 11 CRAC vs Morrinhos View
02/25 19:00 11 Goiatuba vs Goias View
02/25 19:00 11 Atletico GO vs Goianesia View
02/25 19:00 11 Goiania vs Aparecidense View
02/25 19:00 11 Anapolis FC vs AE Jataiense View


Date R Home vs Away -
02/19 22:30 10 [3] Vila Nova vs Goiania [8] 2-1
02/18 19:00 10 [8] AE Jataiense vs Atletico GO [3] 0-2
02/18 19:00 10 [12] Morrinhos vs Anapolis [5] 2-1
02/18 19:00 10 [9] Goianesia vs CRAC [10] 1-0
02/18 19:00 10 [6] Aparecidense vs Goiatuba [4] 1-1
02/18 19:00 10 [1] Goias vs Ipora [11] 1-0
02/15 23:30 9 [10] CRAC vs Goiania [7] 0-0
02/15 23:00 9 [6] Anapolis vs Ipora [11] 4-0
02/15 22:30 9 [2] Vila Nova vs Morrinhos [12] 3-0
02/15 22:30 9 [3] Atletico GO vs Goiatuba [4] 6-0
02/14 23:30 9 [7] AE Jataiense vs Aparecidense [9] 1-4
02/14 22:30 9 [1] Goias vs Goianesia [8] 3-0

Wikipedia - Campeonato Goiano

The Campeonato Goiano is the football league of the state of Goiás, Brazil.

The Brazil Campeonato Goiano is a highly anticipated soccer tournament held annually in the state of Goiás, Brazil. Known for its rich soccer culture and passionate fans, this tournament showcases the best teams from the region, competing for the prestigious title of Goiás State Champion.

The tournament features a format that includes both a regular season and knockout stages, providing an exciting and competitive atmosphere for players and spectators alike. The participating teams, including traditional powerhouses and up-and-coming clubs, bring their best skills and strategies to the field, creating thrilling matches filled with intense rivalries and memorable moments.

The Brazil Campeonato Goiano not only serves as a platform for local talent to shine but also attracts the attention of scouts and football enthusiasts from around the country. Many players who have excelled in this tournament have gone on to represent top Brazilian clubs and even the national team, further highlighting the significance and quality of the competition.

The tournament is known for its vibrant atmosphere, with fans filling the stadiums, waving flags, and chanting passionately to support their favorite teams. The passion and dedication of the supporters add an extra layer of excitement to the matches, creating an electric atmosphere that is truly unique to Brazilian soccer.

In addition to the thrilling on-field action, the Brazil Campeonato Goiano also contributes to the development of soccer in the region. The tournament provides opportunities for young players to showcase their skills and gain valuable experience, fostering the growth of talent and the overall improvement of the sport in Goiás.

Overall, the Brazil Campeonato Goiano is a must-watch event for soccer enthusiasts, offering a captivating display of skill, passion, and competition. Whether you are a fan of the sport or simply appreciate the beauty of the game, this tournament promises to deliver unforgettable moments and showcase the best of Brazilian soccer.