Lithuania Cup


The Lithuanian Football Federation Cup (Lithuanian: Lietuvos futbolo federacijos taurė), also known as Hegelmann LFF Cup for sponsorship reasons, is a Lithuanian football cup competition contested in a knockout tournament format. The winner of the cup gains entitlement to participate in the Lithuanian Supercup as well as the UEFA Europa League.

The clubs of A Lyga, I Lyga, II Lyga, III Lyga and IV Lyga are eligible to compete. The competition format is a single-elimination tournament.

The competition was sponsored by Sharp in 2018-2019, and by Hegelmann in 2020.


Interwar period

The first cup tournament in Lithuania took place in 1924 and was called the "Kooperacijos taurė". It took place during the International Cooperation Day event. "Kooperacijos taurė" competition took place three times - 1924, 1925 and 1926. Other cup competitions took place at the same time as well - "Žiemos taurė" (lith. Winter Cup) in 1925, "Pavasario taurė" (lith. Spring Cup) in 1926 and 1927, as well as once-off cup events.

Year Tournament Notes Final
1924 Kooperacijos taurė Founded by a banker Vincas Zakarevičius. The 50 cm in diameter and 1,250g in weight cup was made of silver and gold-plated materials cost 1,000 Litas. LFLS Kaunas 2:1 Kovas Kaunas
1925 Kooperacijos taurė LFLS Kaunas won the cup for the second time. The cup was to be passed on to the winner each year, and to be kept if won three times in a row.
1925 Žiemos taurė KSK Kaunas 2:0 Kovas Kaunas
1926 Kooperacijos taurė LFLS Kaunas won the cup for three years in a row, and fulfilled the condition to keep the cup. LFLS Kaunas 4:3 Kovas Kaunas
1926 Pavasario taurė Organized by LFLS central committee.
1926 Lithuanian Cup of Honour The 2,000 Litas cup was founded by the famous singer Kipras Petrauskas, yet it was not supported by the governing football committee. The cup was presented to the previous year football league champion Kovas Kaunas
1927 Pavasario taurė 10 Kaunas A and B class teams were competing. Makabi Kaunas 3:2 Kovas Kaunas
1927 Lloyd Lithuania Cup The cup was presented to the Kaunas region league champion LFLS Kaunas.
1932 Sekminių taurė The cup was founded with a view to replace the Kooperacijos taurė competition. LFLS Kaunas 5:1 Kovas Kaunas
1935 Lithuanian I Sports Festival 6 teams from Kaunas and 4 teams from Latvia competed in the tournament. MSK Kaunas ?:? Tauras Kaunas
1938 Lithuanian National Olympics 16 teams participated, including 1 team from Latvia. The tournament was a part of a prestigious Lithuanian National Olympics event. KSS Klaipėda 2:0 LGSF Kaunas

Post-war period

After the World War II, in soviet Lithuania a cup competition was established by the initiative of Tiesa newspaper in 1947, and was called The Tiesa Cup. It consisted of Lithuanian SSR teams not competing in the Soviet football league pyramid.

Re-established Independence to present

Since the regained independence in 1990 the competition is called the Lithuanian Football Federation Cup.