Oklahoma State 20-38 Oklahoma (NCAAF) 2016-12-03 17:30

1 2 H 3 4 OT F
3 14 17 3 0 20
0 17 17 14 7 38


RT @SouthwestAir: From the Southwest Family, to one of our own. We love you, Mike: https://t.co/MvzOqG1clP https://t.co/vwmmhjDtr6

2016-12-03 16:44:41

Congrats @Jordan_Wade93 on winning the Don Key Award, given for superior qualities shown on the field and in the cl… https://t.co/OELnUw761U

2016-12-03 17:09:36

49-14 overall record 2 Big 12 titles (so far) 1 CFP appearance Thank you, Class of 2017 Seniors! #BeatOSU https://t.co/qGO5Ct6KT6

2016-12-03 17:13:34

Congratulations once again to Jordan Wade, 2016 Don Key Award winner, and thanks to all our seniors for everything… https://t.co/Z4gu07ulnO

2016-12-03 17:17:51

In memory of Mike Winchester, thank you @SouthwestAir. https://t.co/9TClRJZ9Mi

2016-12-03 17:28:52

RT @ESPNStatsInfo: With a win today, Bob Stoops will have more Big 12 titles (10) than home losses (9) as @OU_Football head coach. https://…

2016-12-03 17:30:24

#BeatOSU https://t.co/tj1hZfjnGM

2016-12-03 17:31:16

Oklahoma wins the toss and defers to the second half. OSU will receive to start the game.

2016-12-03 17:32:06

Kickoff goes through the end zone for a touchback, OSU will start at its 25. #BeatOSU

2016-12-03 17:36:27

Hill opens the game with an 18-yard run but OU's defense holds and forces a punt. Westbrook makes a fair catch at the OU 16.

2016-12-03 17:39:03

OU's offense only gains 1 yard on its opening possession after a pair of runs and a swing pass. Seibert's punt fair caught at OSU's 42.

2016-12-03 17:41:55

#Sooners notch their first 3-and-out of the day, stopping Rudolph on 3rd and 2. Westbrook fair catches the punt at OU's 12.

2016-12-03 17:46:33

Mayfield sacked on 2nd down, Perine gets back to original LOS on 3rd down but Seibert will punt for the 2nd time. Fair catch at OSU's 45.

2016-12-03 17:51:24

21-yard run for Carson on 3rd and 2 sets up a first and goal for OSU at the OU 7.

2016-12-03 17:55:48

Rudolph fumbles the snap on 3rd and goal at the 1, and OSU sends on the FG unit.

2016-12-03 17:58:53

The 19-yard field goal is good and the Cowboys lead 3-0 with 5:16 to play in the 1st quarter. #BeatOSU

2016-12-03 17:59:40

Mayfield to Westbrook for the first time today goes for 18 yards! #We2Deep

2016-12-03 18:03:31

Pass falls incomplete on 3rd and 9 at OU's 37, forcing another Seibert punt. Fair catch made by OSU at its 30 with 3:20 left in the 1st qtr

2016-12-03 18:07:14

Hill breaks through off right tackle for a gain of 32 yards on OSU's first play of the drive.

2016-12-03 18:08:11

3rd and 3 at OU's 31, Hill runs for a first down but a holding call will bring it back and set up 3rd and 13.

2016-12-03 18:10:41

Evans nearly comes up with another interception but it'll still force a punt! The punt is downed at OU's 11 with 45 seconds left in the 1st

2016-12-03 18:12:05

A rainy first quarter comes to an end here in Norman. #BeatOSU https://t.co/v29kvKvYTv

2016-12-03 18:14:10

Mayfield connects with Westbrook again, this time for 20 yards to the OU 31! #We2Deep

2016-12-03 18:14:12

Mayfield to Westbrook!!!! A 69-yard touchdown puts the #Sooners on top! #We2Deep https://t.co/dvVBRHsXRK

2016-12-03 18:18:33

RT @BryanDFischer: Feel confident Dede Westbrook will be on my Heisman ballot.

2016-12-03 18:19:37

RT @JonSolomonCBS: Terrific play by Baker Mayfield to improvise. Gorgeous move after the catch by Dede Westbrook for TD. Just like that, So…

2016-12-03 18:19:52

A sweet juke from Dede produces yet another long TD. #Sooners up 7-3. #Bedlam #We2Deep https://t.co/Tboz0uK0ie

2016-12-03 18:20:12

RT @ESPNCFB: What. A. Move. Dede Westbrook with a dirty shake and goes to the house! Sooners lead, 7-3. https://t.co/TUZBP5sulr

2016-12-03 18:21:05

RT @DeMarcoMurray: Dede Westbrook is the best player in college football. Hands down. #boomersooner

2016-12-03 18:21:42

#Sooners up 7-3 with 14:46 to play in the 1st half after @DedeTHEGreat11 scores his 6th (!) receiving TD of the sea… https://t.co/KYIgoFjnrB

2016-12-03 18:22:03

#We2Deep #BeatOSU https://t.co/nK2sduNaaW

2016-12-03 18:22:09

Momentum clearly on OU's side as the #Sooners defense follows the touchdown with a 3-and-out! Westbrook with the fair catch at the 30.

2016-12-03 18:24:38

With that last touchdown, @DedeTHEGreat11 has moved to the top of the OU record books with 16 single-season TD rece… https://t.co/4yVnx0CyMA

2016-12-03 18:25:51

Mayfield to Flowers!!!! That's a 67-yard gain to the OSU 3!

2016-12-03 18:28:14

✔️ Score a TD ✔️ Celebrate ✔️ Get tackled by Shake N Bake #We2Deep #BeatOSU https://t.co/av062AJv5D

2016-12-03 18:29:04

TD pass to Lewis is wiped out by an OPI, 3rd and goal at the OSU 17 instead.

2016-12-03 18:31:03

Seibert comes on for a 34-yard field goal and it's good! https://t.co/l6TPpxZFCe

2016-12-03 18:31:56

Seibert improves to 11-15 on the year on FGs and the #Sooners lead 10-3 with 11:36 left in the 1st half! #BeatOSU https://t.co/QSW8V0Z5QZ

2016-12-03 18:33:10

Answer: yes. #We2Deep https://t.co/nkX7jkmvXg

2016-12-03 18:41:01

Second straight 3 and out forced by OU's defense and 3rd of the day. Westbrook with the fair catch at the #Sooners 28.

2016-12-03 18:41:12

OU's defense has held Mason Rudolph to just 2-8 passing for 9 yards and OSU to 8 yards in its last 6 plays.

2016-12-03 18:41:39

3rd and 2 at OU's 36, Westbrook takes a chest pass from Mayfield and gets the first down for 4 yards.

2016-12-03 18:43:18

#We2Deep #Baker4Heisman #Dede4Heisman https://t.co/tyvd403xfl

2016-12-03 18:43:27

Mixon with OU's longest run of the day covers 13 yards and OU is into Cowboys territory.

2016-12-03 18:44:01

Mayfield's pass broken up on 3rd and 16 and Seibert comes on to punt. Fair catch made at OSU's 10.

2016-12-03 18:49:29

44-yard pass to Washington sets OSU up with a 1st and 10 at OU's 12.

2016-12-03 18:52:22

Carson runs in from 6 yards out and we're tied 10-10 with 5:05 to play in the 1st half. #BeatOSU

2016-12-03 18:55:05

OU offense goes 3 and out after an incomplete pass on 3rd down. Fair catch made by McCleskey at the 50 with 3:35 left in the 2nd quarter.

2016-12-03 19:00:02

OSU gets 1st downs on back-to-back plays and has 1st and 10 at OU's 27.

2016-12-03 19:02:11

Obo picks up the sack! https://t.co/DDueKqxWeb

2016-12-03 19:03:07

Oklahoma State calls timeout. Cowboys facing a 2nd and 12 at OU's 18 with 1:42 to go in the first half.

2016-12-03 19:04:38

Rudolph keeps it and scores on a 6-yard TD run. Oklahoma State leads 17-10 with 1:28 to play in the 1st half.

2016-12-03 19:06:11

Pass to Mixon and run by Perine combine to cover 19 yards and OU has it at its 43 with 49 seconds to go in the half.

2016-12-03 19:09:37

Mayfield keeps the play alive and finds Mead for 42 yards to the OSU 15!

2016-12-03 19:10:09

10-yard TD pass from Mayfield to Lewis! https://t.co/wX7lZEmeWx

2016-12-03 19:11:59

Mayfield's 37th TD pass of the year results in Lewis' 2nd TD catch of the year and we're tied at 17 with 27 seconds… https://t.co/4Fu31h0Sbp

2016-12-03 19:13:34

A 10-yard TD pass to Geno Lewis from Baker Mayfield ties it up at 17 late in the 2nd quarter. #BeatOSU https://t.co/Tp9wXEAKl9

2016-12-03 19:13:45

OSU returns the kick to the 50 and has 1 timeout remaining with 18 seconds to play in the half.

2016-12-03 19:14:36

Halftime. #Sooners and Cowboys are tied 17-17 going into the locker room. #BeatOSU https://t.co/DN9tsVYwpD

2016-12-03 19:16:59

RT @Big12Conference: #Big12FB: Mayfield ➡️ Mead. This 42-yard completion set-up @OU_Football's late 2nd quarter TD. Bedlam tied at 17. htt…

2016-12-03 19:20:05

Near-identical stats for a #Bedlam first half. #Sooners and Cowboys tied 17-17 with OU receiving the ball to open t… https://t.co/VDBKox5QmE

2016-12-03 19:28:42

RT @SoonerSportsTV: First half recap and second half adjustments from @chadmckeesports and @RyanBroyles. #Sooners tied at 17 at the bre…

2016-12-03 19:32:44

Second half is underway as Mixon returns the kick out to the OU 19. #BeatOSU

2016-12-03 19:37:52

HUUUUGE run from Perine to open the second half, covering 66 yards!

2016-12-03 19:38:50

Mayfield keeps on 3rd and 2 and an OSU defender grabs his facemask, setting up a 1st and goal at the OSU 3!

2016-12-03 19:40:44

Perine muscles in from a yard out to put the #Sooners back on top! https://t.co/HZ0XuASfEG

2016-12-03 19:42:32

#Sooners up 24-17 with 11:56 to play in the 3rd as Perine (48 rush, 2 rec.) becomes the 5th Sooner to score career… https://t.co/u5hyuIWmUd

2016-12-03 19:44:00

RT @CFBONFOX: Samaje Perine punches it in. The Sooners are back on top! #Bedlam https://t.co/BFqcPtcEaw

2016-12-03 19:45:43

#Sooners defense forces a 3-and-out as Rudolph can't find anyone open on 3rd and 9 and throws an incompletion! Punt downed at the OU 20.

2016-12-03 19:49:11

.@DedeTHEGreat11 with another Heisman moment today in #Bedlam. A sweet juke leads to record-setting, 69-yard touchd… https://t.co/JM2XJssIi1

2016-12-03 19:49:28

Defensive holding called on OSU, so it's 1st and 10 OU at the its 30 after the 10-yard penalty.

2016-12-03 19:54:09

3rd and 10, Mayfield finds Lewis across the middle for 12 yards and a first down!

2016-12-03 19:56:03

Another 3rd and another completion to Lewis moves the chains!

2016-12-03 19:57:36

10-yard run for Perine and it's first and 10 #Sooners at the OSU 27.

2016-12-03 19:59:18

Smallwood with his 4th catch of the year sets up a 1st and 10 to the 15.

2016-12-03 20:00:14

Great protection and Mayfield finds Mixon for the 12-yard touchdown! https://t.co/IfUd6P7n0M

2016-12-03 20:01:58

#BeatOSU https://t.co/q5YISXWnsN

2016-12-03 20:04:08

Mayfield has now accounted for at least 3 TDs in every Big 12 game this year; his latest TD pass has OU up 31-17 wi… https://t.co/oO47jFzkbR

2016-12-03 20:04:27

RT @Big12Conference: #Big12FB: Samaje Perine opened the 3rd quarter with this huge 66-yard run. @OU_Football now up 31-17 in the 3rd. https…

2016-12-03 20:05:00

Plenty of time for Mayfield to finally find Mixon in the corner of the endzone. Caps off a 13-play drive. #BeatOSU https://t.co/BHt4qWYSa6

2016-12-03 20:05:00

That TD feeling! #BeatOSU https://t.co/MnqW7LKPbW

2016-12-03 20:09:15

First play from OSU is a 59-yard pass to Seales down to the OU 34.

2016-12-03 20:09:58

Seales makes a sliding catch for a 1st down to the OU 13.

2016-12-03 20:14:01

Obo with his second sack, this comes on third down to force a FG try! https://t.co/mU8HC6tVcC

2016-12-03 20:15:30

The 30-yard FG is good for OSU. #Sooners lead 31-20 with 1:00 to play in the 3rd quarter.

2016-12-03 20:16:25

Obo has 2.0 sacks today, pushing his season total to 9.0. That ties Eric Striker (2014) for the most in a season by a #Sooners linebacker!

2016-12-03 20:17:41

Perine starts the latest OU drive with a 19-yard run into OSU territory! He's up to 141 rush yards today.

2016-12-03 20:19:13

3rd quarter comes to a close in #Bedlam. #Sooners lead OSU 31-20! #BeatOSU https://t.co/BUjRkNk147

2016-12-03 20:20:58

With his 145 rush yards today, Samaje Perine has 3,942 in his career to move past Quentin Griffin (3,938) for 5th in #Sooners history!

2016-12-03 20:22:37

A 9 yard run by Perine is followed by a 21-yard run by Perine and the #Sooners are 1st and 10 at OSU's 15.

2016-12-03 20:24:41

Fumble recovered by OSU at its own 17 with 13:29 left in the game.

2016-12-03 20:27:04

After Obo makes a stop at the line, he draws a holding call. It's 3rd and 10 OSU at its 31 with 12 minutes to play.

2016-12-03 20:35:19

After being awarded a first down, replay rules the OSU receiver was down short of the line to bring up a 4th down at OSU's 41.

2016-12-03 20:40:14

4th and 1, OSU goes for it and Carson runs for 15 yards and a first down.

2016-12-03 20:41:11

Today's attendance is 87,527, marking the second largest crowd in stadium history and the 110th straight sellout (every game of Stoops era)!

2016-12-03 20:44:00

3rd and 10 at the OU 29, Carson gains 8 yards and OSU will send the FG unit on.

2016-12-03 20:46:18

The 38 yard field goal by Grogan is no good!!! #Sooners take over at their 21 with 9:49 to play.

2016-12-03 20:47:01

Wow!!!!!! A 79-yard touchdown run by Mixon extends the #Sooners lead! https://t.co/W3z3DgHZM8

2016-12-03 20:48:23

#BeatOSU https://t.co/QBK9URPWk2

2016-12-03 20:49:19

RT @Big12Conference: #Big12FB: Mixon. Gone. @OU_Football leads 38-20 in the 4th. https://t.co/nK5L6hkI4N

2016-12-03 20:49:41

The longest run by a Sooner this season and the longest of Mixon's career gives OU the 38-20 lead with 9:35 to play! https://t.co/QzMRrCF8v7

2016-12-03 20:50:15

Joe Mixon dodges the entire Oklahoma State defense on his way to a 79-yard TD. #Sooners lead 38-20. #BeatOSU https://t.co/JBzBJsd6WS

2016-12-03 20:51:09

56 KR by Sanders sets OSU up at the OU 43.

2016-12-03 20:53:01

That was fun. #BeatOSU https://t.co/9sL2e7JOpV

2016-12-03 20:54:00

4th and 4 for OSU at the OU 37, and Obo comes up with the QB hurry to force an incompletion! #Sooners take over with 8:28 to play.

2016-12-03 20:55:00

RT @ESPNCFB: One play, 79 yards, and Oklahoma takes a commanding lead in Bedlam. Joe Mixon gives the Sooners a 38-20 lead with 9…

2016-12-03 20:55:42

Mayfield to Smallwood for a 1st down on 3rd and 5!

2016-12-03 20:57:18

Perine grinds up the middle for two consecutive 1st downs! #Sooners with the ball at the OSU 20 with 3:35 remaining.

2016-12-03 21:01:11

#Sooners win #Bedlam 38-20 and their 10th Big 12 Title! Recap ➡️ https://t.co/t1iySZow4O https://t.co/qjoDDPIz1L

2016-12-03 21:04:36