El Salvador Apertura 08/17 20:00 9 CD FAS vs CD Aguila - View
El Salvador Apertura 08/20 20:00 10 CD Aguila vs Alianza FC - View
El Salvador Apertura 08/27 18:00 11 CD Luis Angel Firpo vs CD Aguila - View
El Salvador Apertura 09/03 18:00 12 Once Deportivo de Ahuachapán vs CD Aguila - View
El Salvador Apertura 09/10 18:00 13 CD Aguila vs Atletico Marte - View
El Salvador Apertura 09/14 18:00 14 CD Platense Zacatecoluca vs CD Aguila - View


El Salvador Apertura 08/13 18:00 8 Jocoro FC v CD Aguila - PPT.
El Salvador Apertura 08/06 20:00 7 CD Aguila v AD Isidro Metapan - PPT.
El Salvador Apertura 08/03 18:00 6 AD Chalatenango v CD Aguila - PPT.
CONCACAF League 08/03 00:00 148 Alajuelense v CD Aguila L 3-0
El Salvador Apertura 07/30 20:00 5 CD Aguila v CD Dragon - PPT.
CONCACAF League 07/27 02:00 148 CD Aguila v Alajuelense D 1-1
El Salvador Apertura 07/24 00:00 4 Santa Tecla v CD Aguila - PPT.
El Salvador Apertura 07/21 01:00 3 CD Aguila v CD Platense Zacatecoluca - PPT.
El Salvador Apertura 07/17 21:00 2 Atletico Marte v CD Aguila - PPT.
El Salvador Apertura 07/10 01:00 1 [2] CD Aguila v Once Deportivo de Ahuachapán [2] L 1-2
El Salvador Clausura 05/29 21:00 1 [1] Alianza FC San Salvador v CD Aguila [2] L 6-5
El Salvador Clausura 05/22 01:00 2 [2] CD Aguila v AD Isidro Metapan [6] W 2-1


Matches played 51 26 25
Wins 23 13 10
Draws 17 7 10
Losses 11 6 5
Goals for 78 41 37
Goals against 49 25 24
Clean sheets 17 7 10
Failed to score 12 4 8

Wikipedia - C.D. Águila

Club Deportivo Águila, commonly known as Águila, is a Salvadoran football club based in San Miguel, El Salvador. The club currently plays in the Primera División, the top tier of the El Salvador football league system.

Águila is one of the most successful clubs in El Salvador football history. C.D. Águila have won sixteen Primera División championships, one Copa Presidente, and one CONCACAF Champions' Cup 1976. Their CONCACAF Champions' Cup 1976 win made them the second Salvadoran team to win a CONCACAF title.

Since 1956, Águila have played their home games at Estadio Juan Francisco Barraza. The stadium is one of the biggest stadiums in El Salvador.

Aguila is one of the most widely supported football clubs in El Salvador, and has long standing rivalry with neighbours Dragón, known as the San Miguel derby, and also competes with powerclub FAS, known as El Clásico (English: The Classic).


Foundation and early years

Club Deportivo Águila was founded on 15 February 1926, in the City of San Miguel, by a group of young people. The first club President was Victor Vanegas. The major goal of the club was first to establish a baseball team, and later develop football and basketball teams. At the beginning, baseball and football were not as successful as basketball with the team dominating in both El Salvador as in neighbouring countries.

In 1956, a group met in San Miguel and decided to form a football team named Club Deportivo Águila. Their first act was to meet with the president of Alacranes, Miguel Sagastizado, after sometime negotiating, they purchased their spot in Liga B and this was ratified by FESFUT on 21 August 1956. In the first season the club played under the name of CD A, this was due to another club in the division Águilas FC from Santa Tecla having a similar name. To attract big names players the clubs paid a minimum of 75 colones per month (USD $8), which was above the average of their three biggest rivals (Dragon Rácing and Corona) paid their players per month, which was around 30 to 50 colones (USD $3.40 - 5.70). This allowed them to signed players such as Juan Francisco Barraza, Esteban Blanco, Salvador Hernández, Fito Fuentes, Juan Merthem, Atilio Pineda, Honduran Manuel Larios, Saul Molina and Rodolfo Fuentes. This came at great cost professionally as FESFUT barred the players to play for the national team as no second division players were allowed to represent the national team. They hired Argentinian Agustin Noriega who previously coached Guatemalan club like Guatemala Deportiva. CD A first game was a 2-2 all draw with Titan, with Juan Antonio “Maquinita” Merlos scoring both goals, by the end of the season Juan Merlos was the team leading scorer with 16 goals.

During its time in the lower leagues, it fought for the affections of the San Miguel people alongside rival Dragón, but when they were promoted to the Liga, it attracted a following not only from San Miguel but also from the entire country. Proof of this was demonstrated by the fact that the teams sold more tickets when the local club played against Águila.

First titles

After two years in the Liga B (Segunda Division), Aguila qualified to Championship/Promotional series against Atlético Constancia (Currently known as Alianza F.C. Aguila won the first game 2-0, thanks to a double from Juan Antonio Merlos, and after 0-0 draw in the second leg. Aguila were promoted to the first division for the first time in the club history. In their very first campaign, Under the tutelage of Conrado Miranda, Aguila won their first titles thank to combination of based players Juan Francisco Barraza, Juan Antonio Merlos and Saul Molina, and the incorporation of Costa Rican Fernando Jiménez. They became the first club to win a title after gaining promotion, only two other clubs have done that in the history of Primera Division (C.D. Platense Municipal Zacatecoluca and C.D. Vista Hermosa).


C.D. Águila ranks second in the number of championships won in El Salvador with fifteen titles. The two most successful managers in the club history are Conrado Miranda (1959, 1975, 1976) and Argentinian Hugo Coria (Apertura 1999, Apertura 2000, Clausura 2001) with three titles each, Juan Francisco Barraza (1972, 1983) and Victor Manuel Ochoa (1963, 1964) with two titles each, while Honduran Carlos Padilla (1960), Brazilian Zózimo (1968), Chilean Hernán Carrasco Vivanco (1986) and Serbian-Salvadoran Vladan Vićević (Clausura 2006) won one title each. They were also winners of the Copa President in 2000 and won the CONCACAF Champions League.

The members of the team that conquered the first championship in 1959 were Luis Alberto López, Rodolfo Fuentes, Justiniano Jiménez, Manuel Larios, Raúl Vásquez, Raúl Bonilla, Raúl Lizano, Juan Francisco Barraza, Juan Antonio Merlos, and Saúl Molina.