Brazil Matches 03/23 22:00 3 ASA vs CE Olhodaguense - View
Brazil Campeonato Alagoano 04/01 22:00 1 ASA vs CRB - View
Brazil Campeonato Alagoano 04/08 22:00 1 CRB vs ASA - View
Brazil Serie D 05/06 18:00 1 Jacuipense vs ASA - View
Brazil Serie D 05/13 18:00 2 ASA vs Bahia de Feira - View
Brazil Serie D 05/20 18:00 3 ASA vs Cruzeiro Arapiraca - View


Brazil Campeonato Alagoano 03/18 22:00 2 [2] ASA v Murici [3] W 1-0
Brazil Matches 03/15 22:00 - ASA v Zumbi EC W 1-0
Brazilian Matches 03/15 19:00 - ASA v Zumbi EC W 1-0
Brazil Campeonato Alagoano 03/12 19:00 2 [3] Murici v ASA [2] D 1-1
Brazil Matches 03/08 23:00 - ASA v Cruzeiro Arapiraca W 1-0
Brazilian Matches 03/05 19:00 - CSE v ASA D 1-1
Copa do Brasil 03/01 22:00 7 ASA v Goias D 1-1
Brazil Campeonato Alagoano 02/26 19:00 7 [6] Cruzeiro Arapiraca v ASA [3] W 1-2
Brazilian Matches 02/18 19:00 - ASA v Miguelense FC W 7-0
Brazilian Matches 02/15 18:00 - CRB v ASA - PPT.
Brazil Campeonato Alagoano 02/12 19:00 6 ASA v Desportivo Alianca W 2-0
Brazilian Matches 02/05 19:00 - [4] ASA v Murici [2] W 1-0


Matches played 42 23 19
Wins 21 14 7
Draws 12 5 7
Losses 9 4 5
Goals for 52 32 20
Goals against 33 13 20
Clean sheets 21 15 6
Failed to score 10 3 7

Agremiação Sportiva Arapiraquense, commonly referred to as ASA de Arapiraca or ASA, is a Brazilian professional football club based in Arapiraca, Alagoas. It competes in the Série D, the fourth tier of Brazilian football, as well as in the Campeonato Alagoano, the top flight of the Alagoas state football league.


Arapiraca had as Mayor the Dr. Coaracy da Mata Fonseca. The city, still small, was beginning to tread the path of progress. The fair was already beginning to stand out in the entire Brazilian Northeast. The company Camilo Colier was building the railway and that required the work of many people. And these people were looking for some fun on days off. And at the request of the employees, the company's management decided to build a soccer field. The team was formed, which obtained the suggestive name of Ferroviário, with the colors black and white. The city's Sunday afternoons became busier, as its inhabitants had the right place to go, the station field. But the construction of the railway was completed. The team ended and Sunday afternoon fun was gone.

Businessmen and city officials were not content with the void caused by the lack of football. After several discussions, on 25 September 1952, the Associação Sportiva de Arapiraca, was the ASA that emerged from the entrepreneurial force of Mr. Antônio Pereira Rocha, the first president. In 1977, the club began to be called Agremiação Sportiva Arapiraquense, remaining the same ASA.

The club is the third largest state champion in Alagoas, with 7 titles. In the national scenario, the club was runner-up of Campeonato Brasileiro Série C after losing to América Mineiro in 2009. In 2013, reached the final of the Copa do Nordeste, but was defeated to Campinense.

In 2002, ASA gained prominence by eliminating Palmeiras still in the first round of Copa do Brasil.