Dominica Premier League 03/18 22:00 - Atletico San Cristobal v Atletico Pantoja D 0-0
Dominican Republic Liga 10/15 22:00 1 Atletico Pantoja v Cibao FC D 1-1
Dominican Republic Liga 10/08 22:00 - Cibao FC v Atletico Pantoja L 2-1
Dominican Republic Liga 10/02 22:00 - Atletico Pantoja v Atletico Vega Real - View
Dominican Republic Liga 09/17 20:25 - Atletico Vega Real v Atletico Pantoja D 0-0
Dominican Republic Liga 09/11 20:00 - Cibao FC v Atletico Pantoja D 2-2
Dominican Republic Liga 09/04 21:00 - Atletico Pantoja v Atletico Vega Real W 1-0
Dominica Premier League 08/27 22:00 - Atletico Pantoja v Moca FC L 0-1
Dominica Premier League 08/24 22:00 - Universidad O&M v Atletico Pantoja L 3-1
Dominican Republic Liga 08/20 20:00 - Jarabacoa FC v Atletico Pantoja W 3-4
Dominican Republic Liga 08/07 22:00 - Atletico Pantoja v Cibao FC W 3-1
Dominican Republic Liga 07/31 20:00 - Atletico Vega Real v Atletico Pantoja W 1-4


Matches played 21 9 12
Wins 8 3 5
Draws 5 3 2
Losses 8 3 5
Goals for 33 10 23
Goals against 29 10 19
Clean sheets 6 3 3
Failed to score 4 2 2

Wikipedia - Atlético Pantoja

Club Atlético Pantoja is a professional football team based in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Founded in 1999, the team is currently playing in the Liga Dominicana de Fútbol, the top division of Dominican football.


Club Atlético Pantoja was born from the a group of mostly Argentinian immigrants, led by Eduardo Macchiavello. It started in 1999, when this group met to play football at the ROWE Laboratory, located in the popular neighborhood of Pantoja in the city of Santo Domingo.

This group became larger, adding Dominicans and other nationalities. In 2001 they were invited to play a veteran tournament organized by the Dominican Football Federation. This is how the Deportivo Pantoja Fútbol Club is born.

This club became the champion of the tournament of veterans. The club went on to participate in the Third Dominican Division.

Months later, again this team became champion in its first participation in an official competition. This championship allowed them to ascend to Second Division, which involved a greater challenge.

The newly promoted Pantoja again became champion of the Second Division league, a team made up mostly by veterans. This team had achieved the feat of "champion" three consecutive times, managing to arrive to the maximum category of soccer of the Dominican Republic, the First Division. This group would propose to reach another milestone, the title of First Division. From then a technical body was hired, in addition to adding young players as reinforcements. The fusion of youth and experience led the Club to reach the maximum laureate in Dominican football: the Primera División championship.

The Club in a short time positioned itself as one of the most winning clubs of the Dominican Republic. Atlético Pantoja became the first association football club from the Dominican Republic with 10,000 followers on Facebook, their most popular social media page.