Turkey TBL 04/21 12:00 34 Final Genclik vs Gaziantep - View


Turkey TBL 04/14 11:00 33 [4] Gaziantep v Kapakli Spor [15] W 104-76
Turkey TBL 04/06 10:00 32 [10] Igdir v Gaziantep [4] W 88-92
Turkey TBL 03/30 13:00 31 [4] Gaziantep v Mersin BBGSK [3] W 86-82
Turkey TBL 03/23 11:45 30 [15] Konyaspor v Gaziantep [4] W 84-104
Turkey TBL 03/17 12:45 29 [4] Gaziantep v Ankaragucu [10] W 84-83
Turkey TBL 03/11 17:00 28 [11] Cayirova v Gaziantep [4] L 82-75
Turkey TBL 03/04 14:00 27 [4] Gaziantep v Harem Spor [18] L 81-84
Turkey TBL 02/26 15:00 26 [2] v Gaziantep [4] L 90-68
Turkey TBL 02/18 11:00 25 [8] Bornova Belediye v Gaziantep [4] L 91-80
Turkey TBL 02/11 14:30 24 [3] Gaziantep v Semt77 Yalovaspor [1] L 77-78
Turkey TBL 02/08 13:00 23 [15] TED Ankara v Gaziantep [3] W 85-87
Turkey TBL 02/03 13:30 22 [3] Gaziantep v Balikesir [18] W 107-102

Wikipedia - Gaziantep Basketbol

Gaziantep Basketbol is a professional basketball team based in the city of Gaziantep in Turkey that plays in the Turkish Basketball First League (TBL). Their home arena is the Karataş Şahinbey Sport Hall with a capacity of 6,400 seats.


The team was founded in 2007. In 2011 the club promoted to the Second Division. In the 2011–12 season, the team promoted to the top tier TBL. In 2012, Royal Halı (a Turkish carpet producer) became head sponsor of the team and the team was re-named to Royal Halı Gaziantep. After the 2015–16 season, the team had financial problems after Royal Halı withdrew and was forced to leave the top tier. After all, the team was able to stay alive and play in the TBL.

Gaziantep is a professional basketball team based in the city of Gaziantep, Turkey. The team was founded in 1969 and has since become one of the most successful basketball clubs in the country. The team plays in the Turkish Basketball Super League, which is the top tier of professional basketball in Turkey.

The Gaziantep basketball team is known for its strong defense and fast-paced offense. The team's style of play is characterized by quick passes, aggressive drives to the basket, and a high level of intensity on both ends of the court. The team's home arena is the Karataş Şahinbey Sports Hall, which has a seating capacity of 5,000 spectators.

The Gaziantep basketball team has a loyal fan base and is supported by a passionate group of supporters who attend every game. The team has won several championships over the years, including the Turkish Cup in 2018 and the Turkish Basketball League in 2019. The team's success has been attributed to its talented players, experienced coaching staff, and strong team chemistry.

Overall, the Gaziantep basketball team is a formidable opponent in the Turkish Basketball Super League and is known for its exciting style of play and passionate fan base.