Germany Bundesliga 05/29 17:00 33 HSV Hamburg vs ThSV Eisenach - View
Germany Bundesliga 06/02 14:30 34 HBW Balingen-Weilstetten vs HSV Hamburg - View


Germany Bundesliga 05/18 16:00 32 [8] SC DHFK Leipzig v HSV Hamburg [9] L 39-27
Germany Bundesliga 05/15 17:00 20 [9] HSV Hamburg v SG Flensburg Handewitt [3] L 30-41
Germany Bundesliga 05/02 17:00 31 [9] HSV Hamburg v Bergischer HC [17] W 32-30
Germany Bundesliga 04/28 13:00 30 [14] TVB Stuttgart v HSV Hamburg [9] L 35-26
Germany Bundesliga 04/21 13:00 29 [9] HSV Hamburg v VfL Gummersbach [6] D 33-33
Germany Bundesliga 04/12 18:00 25 [9] HSV Hamburg v THW Kiel [4] D 28-28
Germany Bundesliga 04/05 18:00 28 [7] TSV Hannover Burgdorf v HSV Hamburg [9] W 25-26
Germany Bundesliga 04/01 14:30 27 [13] HSV Hamburg v MT Melsungen [5] W 29-22
Germany Bundesliga 03/23 18:00 26 [9] HSG Wetzlar v HSV Hamburg [14] W 25-27
Germany Bundesliga 02/29 19:30 24 [9] Rhein Neckar Lowen v HSV Hamburg [14] W 34-36
Germany Bundesliga 02/25 15:30 23 [15] HSV Hamburg v Frisch Auf Goppingen [10] W 33-31
Germany Bundesliga 02/16 18:00 22 [14] HC Erlangen v HSV Hamburg [15] L 30-28

Handball Sport Verein Hamburg is a professional handball club from Germany, located in Hamburg. Currently, Handball Hamburg competes in the Handball-Bundesliga. The full name in German is Handball Sport Verein Hamburg e.V. but the club has traditionally been called HSV Handball, HSV Hamburg or simply HSV. Their main rivals are THW Kiel and SG Flensburg-Handewitt.


Handball Sport Verein Hamburg is a merger of the former handball clubs VfL Bad Schwartau and HSV Lübeck, which joined forces in 1999. In 2002, they were moved to Hamburg for growth and renamed. Although locally known as HSV Hamburg, the club is not part of the Hamburger Sportverein and has the right to use their logo and abbreviation for promotional purposes. The club notably won a EHF Champions League in 2013 and a Handball-Bundesliga in 2011. On 20 January 2016, their license was revoked due to irregularities and, as a result, Handball Hamburg was not authorized to participate in either the first or second handball Bundesliga in the 2016/17 season. As a result, the club was relaunched with a new coat of arms, colors and a new image, from HSV Hamburg to Handball Sport Verein Hamburg; although the official name remained unchanged. The club will return to the Handball-Bundesliga in the 2021–2022 season.[]

HSV Hamburg is a professional handball team based in Hamburg, Germany. The team competes in the Handball-Bundesliga, which is the top tier of handball in Germany.

Founded in 2002, HSV Hamburg has a rich history of success in both domestic and international competitions. The team has won multiple Bundesliga titles and has also had success in European competitions, including winning the EHF Champions League in 2013.

Known for their strong defense and fast-paced style of play, HSV Hamburg has a loyal fan base that fills the Barclaycard Arena for home games. The team's colors are blue and white, and their mascot is a lion named "Hummel," which symbolizes strength and courage.

HSV Hamburg is known for developing talented players and has produced several German national team players over the years. The team is led by a dedicated coaching staff who work tirelessly to ensure the team's success on the court.

Overall, HSV Hamburg is a powerhouse in German handball and continues to be a dominant force in the sport both domestically and internationally.