Basketball Africa League Qualification 11/23 15:00 - Ferroviario Beira v City Oilers L 86-100
Basketball Africa League Qualification 11/22 15:00 - COSPN v Ferroviario Beira L 88-57
Basketball Africa League Qualification 11/21 09:00 - Ferroviario Beira v JBC W 75-55
Basketball Africa League 05/21 14:00 3 [2] AS Douanes v Ferroviario Beira [3] L 93-73
Basketball Africa League 05/05 16:30 1 [6] City Oilers v Ferroviario Beira [3] L 96-75
Basketball Africa League 05/03 17:30 1 [4] Ferroviario Beira v Cape Town Tigers [5] W 82-76
Basketball Africa League 04/30 17:00 1 SLAC v Ferroviario Beira W 97-109
Basketball Africa League 04/29 16:00 1 Ferroviario Beira v Atletico Petroleos de Luanda L 76-101
Basketball Africa League 04/26 16:00 1 Al Ahly Egypt v Ferroviario Beira L 92-74
Basketball Africa League Qualification 11/27 14:30 - Ferroviario Beira v Cape Town Tigers L 71-81
Basketball Africa League Qualification 11/26 15:56 - Urunani BBC v Ferroviario Beira W 62-68
Basketball Africa League Qualification 11/24 14:30 - Ferroviario Beira v City Oilers L 72-88

Clube Ferroviário da Beira (in English: Railway Club Beira) is a basketball club from Beira, Mozambique. The team plays in the national Mozambican Basketball League (LMB) and has won the national championship five times.

The team currently plays in the Basketball Africa League (BAL), having qualified for the 2022 and 2023 seasons. During the 2000s and 2010s, they played in the FIBA Africa Club Champions Cup four editions as well.


Founded in 1924, Ferroviário da Beira has played in the Mozambican Basketball League (LMB) for most of its existence. From 2012, the team won three consecutive league championships.

Ferroviário team played in the 2018–19 Africa Basketball League.

In June 2021, the Spanish coach Luis Lopez Hernandez was hired as new head coach, his second stint with the club. In the fall of 2021, they played in the qualifiers of the Basketball Africa League (BAL) for the first time. On December 10, 2021, the team qualified for the 2022 BAL season after defeating Cape Town Tigers in the semi-finals. In its debut season in the BAL, Beira finished in the fifth place in the Sahara Conference with a 1–4 record. On 8 March 2022, the team won its first game in the league after defeating hosts DUC 98–92.

In 2022 and 2023, Beira won its fourth and fifth national championship, behind league MVP Will Perry.

Beira returned to the 2023 BAL season and played in the Nile Conference. On 30 April, Will Perry scored 41 points in Beira's 109–97 win over SLAC, which tied the league record for most points in a single game by a player.

Ferroviario Beira is a professional basketball team based in Beira, Mozambique. The team was founded in 1959 and has since become one of the most successful basketball teams in the country. The team is known for its strong defense and fast-paced offense, which has helped them win numerous championships over the years.

Ferroviario Beira has a talented roster of players, including some of the best basketball players in Mozambique. The team is led by experienced coaches who have a deep understanding of the game and are committed to helping their players reach their full potential.

The team plays its home games at the Ferroviario Beira Arena, which is a state-of-the-art facility that can accommodate thousands of fans. The arena is known for its lively atmosphere and passionate fans, who come out in droves to support their team.

Overall, Ferroviario Beira is a team that is dedicated to excellence both on and off the court. They are committed to providing their fans with exciting and entertaining basketball, while also being active in the community and promoting the sport of basketball in Mozambique.