El Salvador Apertura 08/17 20:00 9 CD Platense Zacatecoluca vs Santa Tecla - View
El Salvador Apertura 08/20 20:00 10 CD Dragon vs CD Platense Zacatecoluca - View
El Salvador Apertura 08/27 18:00 11 CD Platense Zacatecoluca vs AD Chalatenango - View
El Salvador Apertura 09/03 18:00 12 CD Platense Zacatecoluca vs AD Isidro Metapan - View
El Salvador Apertura 09/10 18:00 13 Jocoro FC vs CD Platense Zacatecoluca - View
El Salvador Apertura 09/14 18:00 14 CD Platense Zacatecoluca vs CD Aguila - View


El Salvador Apertura 08/13 18:00 8 CD Platense Zacatecoluca v CD FAS - PPT.
El Salvador Apertura 08/06 20:00 7 Atletico Marte v CD Platense Zacatecoluca - PPT.
CONCACAF League 08/04 02:00 148 CD Platense Zacatecoluca v Verdes FC D 2-2
El Salvador Apertura 08/03 18:00 6 CD Platense Zacatecoluca v Once Deportivo de Ahuachapán - PPT.
El Salvador Apertura 07/30 20:00 5 CD Luis Angel Firpo v CD Platense Zacatecoluca - PPT.
CONCACAF League 07/28 02:00 148 Verdes FC v CD Platense Zacatecoluca D 0-0
El Salvador Apertura 07/24 21:00 4 CD Platense Zacatecoluca v Alianza FC - PPT.
El Salvador Apertura 07/21 01:00 3 CD Aguila v CD Platense Zacatecoluca - PPT.
El Salvador Apertura 07/17 21:00 2 CD Platense Zacatecoluca v Jocoro FC - PPT.
El Salvador Apertura 07/10 01:00 1 [2] AD Isidro Metapan v CD Platense Zacatecoluca [2] L 1-0
El Salvador Clausura 05/22 21:15 2 [1] Alianza FC San Salvador v CD Platense Zacatecoluca [4] L 3-1
El Salvador Clausura 05/18 20:30 2 [4] CD Platense Zacatecoluca v Alianza FC San Salvador [1] W 1-0


Matches played 53 26 27
Wins 20 11 9
Draws 17 8 9
Losses 16 7 9
Goals for 54 29 25
Goals against 55 26 29
Clean sheets 16 8 8
Failed to score 13 6 7

Club Deportivo Platense Municipal Zacatecoluca, usually abbreviated to just Platense, is a Salvadoran football club s based in Zacatecoluca, the departmental capital city of La Paz Province, they currently play in the Primera División. The club play their home games at the Estadio Panorámico de Zacatecoluca, which has a capacity of 10,000


The football club was founded on 1 May 1951. one of the key founder Napoleón Villalta stated one of the key reasons for starting the club was to give the reserves players of historic club 11 Viroleño an opportunity for game time.

Another founder Ramiro Díaz suggested the club name as a tribute to Argentinian club Club Atlético Platense.

At the beginning of the 1970s, the club was still an obscure football team playing in the regional amateur division. They steadily improved and by 1972 were playing in Tercera division.

Around this time, the Rengifo family took over the financial and administration side of the club gathering new sponsors and contributing large amount of their own family fortune. Their contributions generated almost immediate results: in 1973 the club under the direction of Brazilian Jorge Tupinambá dos Santos won the Tercera División for the first time and earned promotion to the Segunda División de Fútbol Salvadoreño.

Despite this success, The Rengifo family parted ways with Jorge Tupinambá dos Santos and hired Argentinian Juan Quarterone whose new tactics, player recruitment and training methods helped the team win the Segunda División de Fútbol Salvadoreño in 1974 and earn promotion to the Salvadoran Primera División for the first time in the club history.

Platense did the impossible and won the 1975 Primera division, they also set various records doing so such being the second team to win the title after gaining promotion in their very first season (Aguila in 1959 being the first), The club had won all three titles i three different division consecutively, The club also completed the double winning the primera and the Torneo Fraternidad / UNCAF Club Championship.

International success (1975)

Platense along with domestic success, became the first Salvadoran team to win the Torneo Fraternidad / UNCAF Club Championship in 1975 thanks to players such as Albert Fay, Jaime Castro, Helio Rodríguez, "Ninón" Osorio, Pedro Silva, Jorge "el Indio" Vásquez, José Luis Rugamas, David Pinho, Luis Condomi, Ricardo Zafanella, Jorge Búcaro and Rafael "Ráfaga" Búcaro.


After the highs of 1975, The club still remained a competitive force in 1976–1978, however the club fortune began to dwindle when the Regnifo family fled El Salvador due to the increasing conflict in the country. Soon the clubs could not retain their star players and were eventually relegated in 1980. As the civil war continued the club continued to flounder in the Segunda Division and eventually after 10 years he club was relegated to Tercera diving during the early 1990–91 season. It would take another 13 years before the club will be promoted back into second division thanks to future internationals Luis Anaya and former World cup player as coach Mauricio Alfaro.

Resurgence and Promotion

Following increased support by the community and stronger financial backing by local businesses, Platense began a resurgence in the second division. The club recruited first team coach Jorge Abrego and key players such as Herberth Ramos, Wilber Arizala. Platense won their first second division in 45 years. Winning the Apertura 2019 title by defeating Racing Jr 4–3 on aggregate. They were on the verge of winning back to back titles, Sadly 2020 Clausura season was suspended due to the outbreak of coronavirus in El Salvador. It was then announced that despite winning the 2019 title that no promotion would occur.

Despite the disappointment of being denied promotion, the departures of key players such as the league and club top scorer Colombian Cristian Gil Hurtado, Keeper Herberth Ramos, and the sacking of Jorge Abrego as coach. The club overcame this by hiring experienced coach Guillermo Rivera and players such as Rafael Burgos, Colombian Juan Camilo Delgado and . This would enable the club to win their second title in recent time by defeating AD Destroyer 4–3 on penalties after the game ended 2–2 in regular time.

After a season of consolidation, It appeared that Platense would win three straight titles in a row, they reached the final and were leading 3–0. However the club would let in 3 late goals and would the game 5–4 on penalties.

On 20 June 2021, after 41 years out of the Primera Division, Platense were promoted back to the top flight following a 2-1 playoff victory against regular title contenders AD Destroyer 2–1 with goals coming from Steve Alfaro and Camilo Delgado.

Recent Events

Under Guillermo Rivera, Platense competed in the first season in the primera division in 41 years, Platense finished sixth. They defeated Luis Angel Firpo 4-3 aggregate in the quarter-final. In the semi-final, they defeated Chalatenango 2–1 on the aggregate to advance to the final of a major tournament for the first time since 1975—and the club's first Primera division final in the Apertura/Clausura format—where they lost out to Alianza 2–1 at Estadio Cuscatlan on 20 December 2021. Colombian striker Juan Camilio Delgado was Platense top scorer with twelve goals