Finland Kolmonen 06/12 17:15 - PPJ/Ruoholahti v NuPS W 0-2
Finland Kolmonen 05/31 17:00 - FC Espoo v NuPS L 2-0
Finland Kolmonen 05/24 15:00 - NuPS v FC Kirkkonummi W 4-0
Finland Kolmonen 05/15 16:00 - EIF Academy v NuPS - View
Finland Kolmonen 05/11 14:30 - EPS Reservi v NuPS D 2-2
Finland Kolmonen 04/28 09:00 - VJS Vantaa II v NuPS W 0-2
Finland Kolmonen 04/19 15:00 - NuPS v LJS D 0-0
Finland Kolmonen 09/29 17:15 - ESPA v NuPS L 2-0
Finland Kolmonen 09/20 17:00 - GrIFK Reservi v NuPS L 2-0
Finland Kolmonen 09/15 15:00 - NuPS v FC Kirkkonummi W 3-0
Finland Kolmonen 09/08 17:15 - LJS v NuPS W 1-2
Finland Kolmonen 08/23 15:30 - EIF Academy v NuPS W 0-2


Matches played 14 5 9
Wins 10 4 6
Draws 2 1 1
Losses 2 0 2
Goals for 34 14 20
Goals against 10 1 9
Clean sheets 8 4 4
Failed to score 3 1 2

Wikipedia - Nummelan Palloseura

Nummela Palloseura (abbreviated NuPS) is a sports club from Nummela in Vihti, Finland. The club was formed in 1964 and since the outset football has been the dominant sport. NuPS runs around 30 teams with men's, women's and junior sections. In addition the club runs leagues and tournaments, outside activities for infants, developmental activities for disabled children and general fitness football for players of all ages.

In 2008 the club had around 625 registered players and in 2009 this increased to 700 players (750 players when peripheral football activities are included). In total NuPS's teams play around 700 games every year.


The inaugural meeting of the club took place on 14 October 1964 when it was decided to establish an Ice hockey rink at the Nummelan sports ground. NuPS joined the Finnish Ice Hockey Association and in the spring of 1965 joined the Finnish Football League. Other ball games within NuPS's remit at that time included field hockey, volleyball, basketball, tennis, squash and table tennis. However the sport of football dominated, the expansion of the football club being linked to the population growth of Vihti municipality.

NuPS, short for Nurmijärven Palloseura, is a Finnish soccer team based in Nurmijärvi, Finland. The team was founded in 1962 and has a rich history of success in Finnish football. NuPS competes in the lower divisions of Finnish football, but has a strong following and a dedicated fan base.

The team's colors are blue and white, and they play their home matches at the Nurmijärven Jalkapallostadion. NuPS is known for their attacking style of play and their ability to produce talented young players who go on to have successful careers in Finnish football.

NuPS has a strong youth development program and is committed to developing local talent. The team has a strong sense of community and is actively involved in promoting soccer in the Nurmijärvi area.

Overall, NuPS is a respected and well-established soccer team in Finland, with a proud history and a bright future ahead.