FIVB Nations League Women 05/28 11:30 2 Brazil Women vs Japan Women - View
FIVB Nations League Women 05/30 08:00 2 France Women vs Japan Women - View
FIVB Nations League Women 05/31 11:30 2 Japan Women vs China Women - View
FIVB Nations League Women 06/01 08:00 2 Dominican Republic Women vs Japan Women - View
FIVB Nations League Women 06/12 10:20 3 South Korea Women vs Japan Women - View
FIVB Nations League Women 06/13 10:20 3 Japan Women vs Canada Women - View


FIVB Nations League Women 05/19 14:00 1 [1] Poland Women v Japan Women [6] L 3-0
FIVB Nations League Women 05/17 11:00 1 [3] Japan Women v Germany Women [7] W 3-0
FIVB Nations League Women 05/16 14:00 1 [15] Bulgaria Women v Japan Women [9] W 0-3
FIVB Nations League Women 05/15 17:00 1 [11] Japan Women v Turkey Women [11] W 3-2
Asian Games Women 10/07 11:30 1 Japan Women v China Women L 0-3
Asian Games Women 10/06 06:30 2 [3] Vietnam Women v Japan Women [1] W 1-3
Asian Games Women 10/05 11:00 2 [1] Thailand Women v Japan Women [2] W 0-3
Asian Games Women 10/04 11:00 1 [3] Japan Women v Chinese Taipei Women [3] W 3-1
Asian Games Women 10/02 06:30 3 [1] Japan Women v Kazakhstan Women [2] W 3-0
Asian Games Women 10/01 11:00 2 [4] Afghanistan Women v Japan Women [2] W 0-3
Asian Games Women 09/30 06:30 1 Japan Women v Hong Kong Women W 3-0
Olympics Qualification Women 09/24 10:25 7 Japan Women v Brazil Women L 2-3

The Japan women's national volleyball team (Hinotori Nippon, 火の鳥NIPPON), or All-Japan women's volleyball team, is currently ranked 6th in the world by FIVB. The head coach is Masayoshi Manabe.

One of their greatest successes was at the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, when they defeated the heavily favored Soviet Union on the way to the gold medal.

Japan was qualified for the 2004 Summer Olympics by winning the Women's Olympic Qualifier that was held from 8 May to 16 May in Tokyo, Japan. In Athens, Greece the team took fifth place in the overall-rankings.

Finally after almost three decades of medal drought in the Olympics, Japan took home the bronze medal by defeating South Korea in the 2012 Summer Olympics.


2012 London Olympics

Japan qualified for the 2012 Summer Olympics as the best Asian team in the 2012 FIVB Women's World Olympic Qualification Tournament. In the 2012 Olympics, Japan had been placed on Group A with Russian Federation, Italy, Dominican Republic, the host Great Britain and Algeria. Japan finished third in the Group. In the quarter-finals, Japan faced their old Asian rival China. Saori Kimura and Yukiko Ebata each scored 33 points in this thrilling game in which China were beaten by 3–2. It was their first win over China in 11 years as far as FIVB games are concerned. On 9 August 2012, the Japanese were outplayed by the defending champions Brazil in the semi-finals. On 11 August 2012, Japan beat South Korea 3–0 in the bronze medal match. It is the first Olympics' volleyball medal for the Japanese since the 1984 Summer Olympics. On August 13, 2012, Japan Women's Team was ranked 3rd in the world behind United States women's national volleyball team and Brazil women's national volleyball team.

2020 Tokyo Olympics

Japan was the host nation for the 2020 Summer Olympics. The other teams in their group in Tokyo were Kenya, Serbia, Brazil, Korea and the Dominican Republic. Japan's opening match was on 25 July 2021 in Tokyo against Kenya. They beat Kenya in their first match in straight sets and lost against Serbia, Brazil, Korea and the Dominican Republic which caused them to miss the qualification for the quarterfinals.

Winner of 6 major world titles

Year Games Host Runner-up 2nd Runner-up
1962 # 4th World Championship USSR USSR Poland
1964 # Tokyo Olympic Games Japan USSR Poland
1967 # 5th World Championship Japan USA South Korea
1974 & 7th World Championship Mexico USSR South Korea
1976 & Montreal Olympic Games Canada USSR South Korea
1977 & 2nd World Cup Japan Cuba South Korea

#, & – Twice 3 Straight Major titles in 1960s and 1970s

(World Women's Volleyball Championship, World Cup, Olympic Games)

Japan Women's volleyball team is a powerhouse in the world of international volleyball. Known for their speed, agility, and precision, the team has consistently been a top contender in major tournaments such as the Olympics, World Championships, and Asian Games.

The team is known for their strong fundamentals, excellent teamwork, and relentless work ethic. They are able to execute complex plays with ease and are always looking for ways to improve and evolve their game.

Japan Women's volleyball team has a rich history of success, with numerous medals and championships to their name. They have a loyal fan base that supports them both at home and abroad, cheering them on as they compete against the best teams in the world.

Overall, Japan Women's volleyball team is a force to be reckoned with on the international stage, and their skill, determination, and passion for the sport make them a team to watch out for in any competition.