Cuba Serie Nacional 05/16 18:00 - Artemisa v Holguin W 9-7
Cuba Serie Nacional 05/15 18:00 - Artemisa v Holguin W 9-3
Cuba Serie Nacional 05/14 18:00 - Artemisa v Holguin W 9-8
Cuba Serie Nacional 05/09 18:00 - Camaguey v Artemisa L 8-6
Cuba Serie Nacional 05/08 18:00 - Camaguey v Artemisa W 0-11
Cuba Serie Nacional 05/07 18:00 - Camaguey v Artemisa L 16-4
Cuba Serie Nacional 05/05 18:00 - Industriales v Artemisa W 5-6
Cuba Serie Nacional 05/04 20:00 - Industriales v Artemisa W 5-8
Cuba Serie Nacional 05/02 22:30 - Artemisa v Industriales L 3-7
Cuba Serie Nacional 04/25 18:00 - Granma v Artemisa L 6-1
Cuba Serie Nacional 04/23 18:00 - Granma v Artemisa W 1-3
Cuba Serie Nacional 04/18 14:00 - Artemisa v Guantanamo L 3-9

Wikipedia - Cazadores de Artemisa

Cazadores de Artemisa (English: Artemisa Hunters) is a Cuban baseball team based in Artemisa. They are a member of the Cuban National Series and play their home games at 26 de Julio Stadium, opened in 1968 and with a capacity of 6,000 spectators.


In 2011, Cuban government decided to split Havana Province into two newly created administrative divisions: Artemisa Province and Mayabeque Province. This led to the disappearance of the La Habana team and to the creation of the Artemisa and Huracanes de Mayabeque teams, who started playing in the 2011–12 Cuban National Series season.

The Artemisa baseball team from Cuba is a powerhouse in the country's baseball league. Known for their strong pitching staff and solid defense, the team has a rich history of success in national and international competitions. The players are known for their passion for the game and their dedication to representing their region with pride. With a loyal fan base and a tradition of excellence, the Artemisa baseball team is a force to be reckoned with on the diamond.