Argentina Torneo A 06/30 21:00 16 Crucero Del Norte vs Union Sunchales - View
Argentina Torneo A 07/07 21:00 17 Union Sunchales vs Juventud Antoniana - View
Argentina Torneo A 07/14 21:00 18 Sarmiento de Resistencia vs Union Sunchales - View


Argentina Torneo A 06/23 19:00 15 [8] Union Sunchales v Sol de America de Formosa [4] D 0-0
Argentina Torneo A 06/09 18:30 13 [8] Boca Unidos v Union Sunchales [9] W 0-1
Argentina Torneo A 06/01 19:00 12 [9] Union Sunchales v Central Norte [2] L 1-4
Argentina Torneo A 05/26 19:00 11 [1] CA Sarmiento de la Banda v Union Sunchales [9] L 2-0
Argentina Torneo A 05/19 18:30 10 [9] Union Sunchales v San Martin Formosa [3] D 0-0
Argentina Torneo A 05/15 23:00 9 [9] Union Sunchales v Sarmiento de Resistencia [6] D 1-1
Argentina Torneo A 05/12 00:00 8 [8] Juventud Antoniana v Union Sunchales [9] L 3-0
Argentina Torneo A 05/04 20:00 7 [9] Union Sunchales v Crucero Del Norte [5] L 0-2
Argentina Torneo A 04/28 19:00 6 [7] Sol de America de Formosa v Union Sunchales [9] L 3-1
Argentina Torneo A 04/14 20:00 4 [9] Union Sunchales v Boca Unidos [8] W 2-1
Argentina Torneo A 04/07 20:30 3 [6] Central Norte v Union Sunchales [9] L 1-0
Argentina Torneo A 03/30 22:00 2 [9] Union Sunchales v CA Sarmiento de la Banda [2] L 1-2


Matches played 31 16 15
Wins 7 5 2
Draws 4 3 1
Losses 20 8 12
Goals for 22 15 7
Goals against 49 18 31
Clean sheets 7 5 2
Failed to score 17 7 10

Wikipedia - Unión de Sunchales

Club Atlético Unión (usually referred as Unión de Sunchales) is an Argentine sports club from Sunchales, Santa Fe Province. Its football team currently plays in the Torneo Argentino A, which is the regionalised third division of the Argentine football league system.

Unión was founded in 1948 as a football club, but it expanded into several different sports, including basketball, where the team currently plays at Torneo Nacional de Ascenso (TNA), the second division of Argentine basketball league system.

Other sports practised at the club are gymnastics, roller skating, rugby union, martial arts, tennis and volleyball.


Basketball was added as sport in 1950. The club won its first official title, the Asociación Rafaelina de Básquetbol championship, in 1987 being coached by Roberto Vico.[]

In 1991 Unión promoted to Liga Nacional B (currently Torneo Nacional de Ascenso, the second division of Argentine basketball). The club spent two seasons in the Nacional B until the team had to leave the tournament due to financial problems. In 2005 Unión won another title promoting to Nacional de Ascenso.[]

In 2009, Unión promoted to Liga Nacional de Básquetbol, the top division of Argentine basketball.[]

Union Sunchales is a professional soccer team based in Sunchales, Argentina. The team was founded in 1917 and has a rich history in Argentine football. Union Sunchales competes in the regional leagues of Argentina and has a strong fan base in the Sunchales community.

The team's colors are blue and white, and they are known for their attacking style of play and passionate supporters. Union Sunchales has a reputation for developing young talent and has produced several players who have gone on to play for top clubs in Argentina and abroad.

Union Sunchales has a fierce rivalry with other local teams in the region, and matches between them are always highly anticipated and intense. The team has a proud tradition of success and is always striving to compete at the highest level in Argentine football.