Kuwait League 06/11 14:00 - Khaitan v Al Fahaheel W 36-29
Kuwait League 06/08 15:30 - Al Qurine v Khaitan L 29-28
Kuwait League 06/03 15:30 - Khaitan v Al Tadamon (Kuwait) W 40-29
Kuwait League 05/30 15:30 - Khaitan v Al Sahel W 29-27
Kuwait League 05/27 15:30 - Al Salibikhaet v Khaitan L 35-34
Kuwait League 05/25 14:00 - Al Nasar v Khaitan L 35-33
Kuwait League 05/20 14:00 - Khaitan v Yarmouk (Kuwait) W 30-27
Kuwait League 04/19 14:00 - Khaitan v Al Salmiyah L 32-39
Kuwait League 04/15 14:00 - Al Qadsia (Kuwait) v Khaitan L 32-27
Kuwait League 04/07 17:30 - Al Tadamon (Kuwait) v Khaitan W 26-38
Kuwait League 04/03 17:30 - Khaitan v Al Kuwait SC L 30-36
Kuwait League 03/30 17:30 - Al Kuwait SC v Khaitan - View
The Kuwait handball team, known as "Khaitan," is a formidable force in the world of handball. Comprised of talented and skilled players, the team is known for their fast-paced and aggressive style of play. With a strong focus on teamwork and strategy, Khaitan has achieved great success in national and international competitions.

The team is known for their strong defense and quick counterattacks, making them a challenging opponent for any team they face. Led by experienced coaches and captains, Khaitan is constantly striving to improve and reach new heights in the world of handball.

Off the court, the team is known for their sportsmanship and dedication to the sport. They are role models for aspiring handball players in Kuwait and beyond, inspiring a new generation of athletes to pursue their passion for the game.

Overall, Khaitan is a powerhouse in the world of handball, with a rich history of success and a bright future ahead. Fans can expect thrilling matches and impressive performances whenever they take the court.