Mexico Segunda Division 04/17 01:00 1 [1] Pachuca II v Lobos ULM [5] D 2-2
Mexico Segunda Division 04/09 22:00 1 [5] Lobos ULM v Pachuca II [1] L 0-2
Mexico Segunda Division 04/01 16:00 2 [5] Cimarrones de Sonora FC II v Lobos ULM [5] D 1-1
Mexico Segunda Division 03/26 22:00 2 [5] Lobos ULM v Cimarrones de Sonora FC II [5] W 1-0
Mexico Segunda Division 03/19 00:00 11 [5] Lobos ULM v Aguacateros CDU [8] D 0-0
Mexico Segunda Division 03/04 22:00 9 [4] Colima v Lobos ULM [5] D 1-1
Mexico Segunda Division 02/26 00:00 8 [6] Lobos ULM v CF Reboceros La Piedad [4] W 3-2
Mexico Segunda Division 02/18 21:30 7 Gavilanes FC Matamoros v Lobos ULM D 0-0
Mexico Segunda Division 02/12 00:00 6 [6] Lobos ULM v Catedraticos Elite [10] W 7-5
Mexico Segunda Division 02/04 16:00 5 [7] Correcaminos II v Lobos ULM [5] D 2-2
Mexico Segunda Division 01/29 00:00 4 [9] Lobos ULM v Saltillo FC [2] W 2-1
Mexico Segunda Division 01/21 22:00 3 [10] CD Inter Queretaro v Lobos ULM [8] D 1-1


Matches played 26 13 13
Wins 8 5 3
Draws 10 4 6
Losses 8 4 4
Goals for 36 21 15
Goals against 45 28 17
Clean sheets 6 3 3
Failed to score 5 3 2

Wikipedia - Lobos ULMX

Lobos de la Universidad Latina de México is a football club that plays in the Liga Premier de México – Serie A. It is based in the city of Celaya, Mexico.


On March 12, 2021, an agreement was signed between Celaya F.C. and the Universidad Latina de México with the objective of establishing a football team that would participate in the Liga Premier de México, which would bear the name of the university but would be based on the franchise that the club already had in that league.

In April 2021, the university board made official the project to build a stadium to host the institution's soccer and football games, which will have a capacity to hold 1,200 spectators.

The team was officially entered into soccer competitions on July 30, 2021, when its entry into the Liga Premier – Serie A was announced, the club was placed in Group 2 of this category.

On August 3, Rowan Vargas was announced as the club's first manager. The following day the first players of the team were announced: Alejandro Padua, Ricardo Chávez, Rafael Rodea and Rogelio Calixto.

Lobos ULM is a soccer team based in the University of Louisiana at Monroe (ULM). The team is composed of talented and dedicated student-athletes who are passionate about the sport of soccer. They compete in the Sun Belt Conference and have a strong reputation for their competitive spirit and teamwork. The Lobos ULM soccer team is known for their fast-paced and aggressive style of play, which often catches their opponents off guard. They are led by a skilled coaching staff who provide guidance and support to help the team achieve their goals. The Lobos ULM soccer team is a force to be reckoned with and is always striving to improve and reach new heights.