Cuba Serie Nacional 05/21 18:00 - Matanzas v Industriales L 6-11
Cuba Serie Nacional 05/15 18:00 - Las Tunas v Matanzas W 8-18
Cuba Serie Nacional 05/09 18:00 - Matanzas v Santiago de Cuba W 11-4
Cuba Serie Nacional 05/08 18:00 - Matanzas v Santiago de Cuba L 8-12
Cuba Serie Nacional 05/07 18:00 - Matanzas v Santiago de Cuba L 1-8
Cuba Serie Nacional 04/21 18:00 - Pinar del Río v Matanzas L 6-3
Cuba Serie Nacional 04/20 18:00 - Pinar del Río v Matanzas L 9-7
Cuba Serie Nacional 04/18 18:00 - Matanzas v Pinar del Río L 3-14
Cuba Serie Nacional 04/17 18:00 - Matanzas v Pinar del Río L 3-4
Cuba Serie Nacional 04/16 18:00 - Matanzas v Pinar del Río W 8-7
Cuba Serie Nacional 03/24 18:00 - Ciego de Avila v Matanzas W 2-3
Cuba Serie Nacional 03/21 18:00 - Matanzas v Ciego de Avila W 4-3

Cocodrilos de Matanzas (English: Matanzas Crocodiles) are a baseball team in the Cuban National Series. Based in Matanzas Province, the Cocodrilos were formed after the dissolution of Henequeneros and Citricultores, two teams from Matanzas. The Cocodrilos have struggled to enjoy the success of their predecessors.


Long before the Yumurine players wore the Gothic M of Matanzas on their flannels in that year of 1967, the name of such an illustrious city had already adorned the official history of winter tournaments in the mythical campaign of 1878–79.

Like that modest combined at the beginning of the circuit in the nineteenth century, the Matanzas of the 60s and 70s, was not the most competitive. Never, stars of the mood of Wilfredo Sánchez, his brother Fernando, Rigoberto Rosique, Tomás Soto, Evelio Hernández, Edwin Walters, Alfredo García, Gaspar Pérez, Luis Fernández, Ernesto William Alfonso or the brothers Félix and Reinaldo Isasi, could they unify their forces in a single gang to defend the walls of the Athens of Cuba.

And while Matanzas stoically endured his permanence at the bottom of the pond until his total disappearance towards the mid-1970s, Henequeneros, the other squad of the land of crocodiles, adorned his souvenir closet with a trophy in the 1969 campaign -70.

In the early 1990s, the winter series competition system was reorganized for the eighth time. After 19 years of absence, a team reappeared with the name of Matanzas. Although, this second version of the squad in the amateur era was also not very prolific in terms of collective results.

Matanzas won the Cuban National Series championship pennant in 2020, defeating Camagüey in the finals, clinching 4-2 overall in 6 games out of seven.

Matanzas finished sixth in the National Series in 2023. Nevertheless, it qualified to the Cuban Elite League in the first year of its new format, promoting the top six teams from the National Series. Matanzas defeated Cazadores de Artemisa in six games to win its first the Elite League and its second championship after 2020.

The Matanzas baseball team is a professional baseball team based in the city of Matanzas, Cuba. The team competes in the Cuban National Series, which is the top baseball league in Cuba. The Matanzas team has a rich history and is known for its passionate fan base and competitive spirit.

The team's colors are blue and white, and their mascot is a fierce bull symbolizing strength and determination. The Matanzas team has a strong roster of talented players, many of whom have gone on to represent Cuba in international competitions.

The team plays their home games at the Victoria de Giron Stadium, which is a historic venue that has seen many memorable moments in Cuban baseball history. The Matanzas team has a strong rivalry with other top teams in the league, making for exciting and intense matchups throughout the season.

Overall, the Matanzas baseball team is a powerhouse in Cuban baseball, with a proud tradition of success and a dedicated fan base that supports them every step of the way.