Iraq First Division 07/10 13:45 - Al-Masafi v Diyala FC D 0-0
Iraq First Division 06/19 13:45 - El Atesalat v Diyala FC W 0-1
Iraq First Division 12/19 11:00 - Al Salikh v Diyala FC W 0-1
Iraq Cup 12/04 11:00 - Al Karkh v Diyala FC L 2-1


Matches played 2 0 2
Wins 1 0 1
Draws 1 0 1
Losses 0 0 0
Goals for 1 0 1
Goals against 0 0 0
Clean sheets 2 0 2
Failed to score 1 0 1

Wikipedia - Diyala SC

Diyala Sports Club (Arabic: نادي ديالى), is an Iraqi football club based in Diyala, that plays in Iraqi Premier Division League.


in Premier League

Diyala club played in the Iraqi Premier League for the first time in the 1975–76 season, and was relegated at the end of the season to the Iraq Division One. The total seasons that the team played in the Premier League reached 14 seasons until the 2010–11 season, during which it was relegated 4 times, and withdrew twice.

Diyala FC is a passionate and determined soccer team based in the Diyala province of Iraq. Known for their strong work ethic and team spirit, Diyala FC is a force to be reckoned with on the field. The players are dedicated to honing their skills and improving their game, constantly pushing themselves to reach new heights. With a loyal fan base cheering them on, Diyala FC is a team that embodies the true spirit of soccer - unity, perseverance, and a love for the game. Watch out for Diyala FC as they continue to make their mark in the world of soccer.