Mexico Segunda Division 03/18 22:00 11 [8] Sporting Canamy v Pachuca II [2] L 0-3
Mexico Segunda Division 03/12 18:00 10 [6] Montaneses FC v Sporting Canamy [8] L 2-0
Mexico Segunda Division 03/07 02:00 9 [6] Sporting Canamy v Deportiva Venados [7] L 2-4
Mexico Segunda Division 02/26 22:00 8 Real de Arteaga v Sporting Canamy W 0-9
Mexico Segunda Division 02/22 18:00 1 [10] Leviatan FC v Sporting Canamy [8] L 4-3
Mexico Segunda Division 02/18 22:00 7 [9] Sporting Canamy v Escorpiones FC [6] W 2-1
Mexico Segunda Division 02/11 20:00 6 [6] Yalmakan FC v Sporting Canamy [9] W 1-2
Mexico Segunda Division 01/28 22:00 4 [4] Cafetaleros de Chiapas v Sporting Canamy [9] L 3-2
Mexico Segunda Division 01/21 22:00 3 [8] Sporting Canamy v Inter Playa del Carmen [2] D 0-0
Mexico Segunda Division 01/14 22:00 2 [4] Sporting Canamy v Deportivo Dongu [8] L 6-7
Mexico Segunda Division 01/06 18:00 1 Leviatan FC v Sporting Canamy - PPT.
Mexico Segunda Division 10/30 01:00 3 [1] Tampico Madero v Sporting Canamy [3] L 3-1


Matches played 26 13 13
Wins 9 5 4
Draws 4 3 1
Losses 13 5 8
Goals for 51 25 26
Goals against 47 19 28
Clean sheets 5 4 1
Failed to score 4 2 2

Wikipedia - Sporting Canamy

Club Sporting Canamy is a Mexican football club that plays in the Liga Premier after their objective to promote from the Tercera División de México was a success in the 2014–15 season finished as runner-up. The club is based in Oaxtepec, Morelos after a relocation from Mexico City after 2016–17 season.


On May 30, 2015, Sporting Canamy will be promoted to Segunda División de México for the first time in their history to Liga Premier (Winner) or Liga Nuevo Talentos (Runner-up) and also, advance to their first final app. in history, too. But a week later, they promoted to Liga Nuevo Talentos (Runner-up) after losing to Uruapan. However, both teams were partipicated in the Liga Nuevo Talentos after Uruapan were promoted to Liga Premier, but stadium requirements were not clear and they have a year to fix the solution.

On April 23, 2016, after a winning series against Sahuayo F.C. in the semifinals of Liga Nuevo Talentos Clausura 2016 plus winning the quarterfinals against San Luis B, Sporting Canamy advanced to their first final in their rookie season in the Liga Nuevo Talentos after less than a year when they were promoted from the Tercera Division. Sporting Canamy was defeated in the final against Real Zamora.

However, in July 2016, the club was invited to participate at Liga Premier de Ascenso as an expansion team. In May 2017, Sporting Canamy moved from Mexico City to Oaxtepec.

After their arrival in Serie A, Sporting Canamy maintained a reserve team in the Third Division, this squad had won the championship of the category in the 2016–17 season, however, it was later stripped of the title after a complaint filed by Tecos F.C., which argued the use of players older than the age allowed by the regulation.

In August 2020 the team went into hiatus due to financial problems derived from COVID-19, however, a month later an agreement was signed with Halcones Zúñiga, a team of the Liga TDP, to participate in that league during the 2020–21 season, using the Halcones license, but with the Canamy operation and colors. In 2021 the team was reactivated in Liga Premier and will participate in the 2021–22 season.