Kenya National League 05/28 06:00 - AP Kenya v KDF D 0-0
Kenya National League 05/26 06:00 - Equity Bank v AP Kenya L 3-1
Kenya National League 04/22 06:00 - AP Kenya v Kenya Army L 1-3
Kenya National League 02/11 08:00 - Prisons Rift Valley v AP Kenya W 2-3
Kenya National League 02/10 10:00 - AP Kenya v Trail Blazers W 3-1
Kenya National League 07/02 12:00 - AP Kenya v KPA L 0-3
Kenya National League 07/01 06:00 - AP Kenya v Equity Bank L 1-3
Kenya National League 06/30 12:00 - AP Kenya v Kenya Prisons L 1-3
Kenya National League 06/30 06:00 - AP Kenya v Prisons Central D 0-0
Kenya National League 06/25 06:00 - AP Kenya v Prisons Nyanza W 3-1
Kenya National League 06/24 12:00 - Prisons Western v AP Kenya L 3-2
Kenya National League 06/23 08:00 - AP Kenya v GSU L 0-3
AP Kenya is a highly competitive volleyball team based in Kenya. The team is made up of skilled and experienced players who are passionate about the sport. They have a strong focus on teamwork, communication, and strategy, which has helped them achieve great success in various tournaments and competitions.

AP Kenya is known for their exceptional defensive skills, quick reflexes, and powerful spikes. They are also known for their ability to adapt to different playing styles and opponents, making them a formidable force on the court.

The team is led by a dedicated coach who has a wealth of experience in the sport. The coach works closely with the players to develop their skills and improve their performance, both individually and as a team.

AP Kenya is committed to promoting the sport of volleyball in Kenya and inspiring young players to pursue their passion for the game. They are a respected and admired team in the volleyball community, both locally and internationally.