Brazil Super Paulista 11/23 23:00 - EC Pinheiros v Taubate L 24-23
Brazil Super Paulista 11/20 22:00 - Taubate v Sao Caetano W 25-22
Brazil Super Paulista 11/16 23:30 - Sao Caetano v Taubate W 23-33
Brazil Super Paulista 09/09 19:00 - EC Pinheiros v Taubate W 24-27
Brazil Super Paulista 09/02 20:30 - Taubate v Sao Carlos W 31-15
Brazil Super Paulista 08/31 23:00 - Taubate v Guarulhos W 32-25
Brazil Super Paulista 08/12 19:00 - Sao Caetano v Taubate W 20-34
S and C America Club Champs 05/30 21:00 - Taubate v Cascavelense W 31-20
Brazil Liga Nacional 12/10 19:45 - Taubate v Handebol Itajai W 32-30
Brazil Liga Nacional 12/09 18:45 - Taubate v Carajas Handebol W 38-32
Brazil Liga Nacional 12/08 18:45 - Taubate v Cascavel Handebol W 31-26
Brazil Liga Nacional 11/13 20:00 - Nacional Handebol Clube v Taubate W 32-37

Handebol Clube Taubaté is a handball club from Taubaté, Brazil. Currently, they compete in the Brazilian National League and it is the current vice champion.

Taubate is a professional handball team based in Taubate, Brazil. The team was founded in 2001 and has since become one of the most successful handball teams in Brazil. Taubate competes in the Brazilian Handball League and has won the championship title six times, most recently in 2020.

The team is known for its strong defense and fast-paced offense, with skilled players in every position. Taubate's roster includes both Brazilian and international players, including several members of the Brazilian national team.

Off the court, Taubate is committed to promoting handball in the local community and supporting youth development programs. The team regularly hosts clinics and camps for young players, and works closely with local schools and organizations to promote the sport.

Overall, Taubate is a highly respected and successful handball team, known for its skilled players, strong team culture, and commitment to community development.