Leagues Played
Turkey EBBL 13


Turkey EBBL 06/15 15:00 - MKD Bossan v Gocekspor W 82-103
Turkey EBBL 06/14 15:00 - Gocekspor v UNSPED Spor L 64-76
Turkey EBBL 06/12 10:00 - Trabzonspor v Gocekspor L 77-54
Turkey EBBL 06/11 12:30 - Gocekspor v Tusasspor L 56-77
Turkey EBBL 06/10 15:00 - ABB EgoSpor v Gocekspor W 71-79
Turkey EBBL 05/18 16:00 - Kadikoy Istanbul v Gocekspor L 67-59
Turkey EBBL 05/03 17:30 - Yugos Basket v Gocekspor W 81-89
Turkey EBBL 04/17 15:00 - Aydin BS Akademi v Gocekspor W 69-98
Turkey EBBL 04/14 14:00 - Yelkispor v Gocekspor W 67-84
Turkey EBBL 03/24 11:00 - Izmir BSB v Gocekspor W 81-84
Turkey EBBL 03/09 14:30 - Yeni Kadikoy v Gocekspor W 60-98
Turkey EBBL 05/13 12:00 - Gocekspor v Antalya Kepez Dokuma L 58-70
Gocekspor is a professional basketball team based in Turkey. The team is known for its competitive spirit and strong work ethic on the court. With a roster of talented players and dedicated coaching staff, Gocekspor has established itself as a formidable force in the Turkish basketball scene.

The team's style of play is characterized by fast-paced, high-energy basketball, with a focus on teamwork and strategic execution. Gocekspor's players are known for their skillful ball-handling, sharp shooting, and tenacious defense, making them a tough opponent for any team they face.

Off the court, Gocekspor is also actively involved in community outreach programs and youth development initiatives, using basketball as a tool to inspire and empower the next generation of athletes.

Overall, Gocekspor is a respected and admired team in the Turkish basketball community, known for their passion for the game and commitment to excellence.