Kyung Hee University

Leagues Played
Korea University League 1


Korea University League 05/26 06:00 - Kyung Hee University v Hongik University L 1-3
Kyung Hee University is a well-known volleyball team in South Korea. The team is composed of talented and skilled players who are dedicated to their sport. They have a strong team spirit and work together to achieve their goals. The players are known for their agility, speed, and precision in their movements. They are also known for their excellent communication skills, which allow them to coordinate their plays effectively. The team is coached by experienced professionals who provide guidance and support to the players. Kyung Hee University volleyball team has a reputation for being a formidable opponent on the court, and they have won numerous championships and awards over the years. They are respected by their peers and fans alike for their sportsmanship and dedication to the game.