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III liga (Trzecia liga) is a Polish football league that sits in the fourth tier of the Polish football league system. Until the end of the 2007–08 season, III liga referred to a league at the third tier (now called II liga) but this was changed with the formation of the Ekstraklasa as the top level league in Poland.

Groups of III liga are divided based on administrative division of Poland. Top teams of III liga are promoted to II liga and bottom teams are relegated to IV liga.

The Poland III Liga is a highly competitive soccer tournament held in Poland. It is the fourth tier of the Polish football league system, below the Ekstraklasa, I Liga, and II Liga. The tournament features teams from various regions across the country, providing a platform for aspiring footballers to showcase their skills and compete at a professional level.

The Poland III Liga is known for its intense and fast-paced matches, with teams battling it out to secure promotion to higher divisions. The tournament follows a round-robin format, where each team plays against every other team in their respective group. The top teams from each group advance to the promotion playoffs, where they have a chance to earn a spot in the II Liga.

The tournament attracts a passionate fan base, with supporters cheering for their favorite teams and creating an electric atmosphere in the stadiums. The matches are often attended by local communities, who come together to support their hometown clubs and celebrate the sport.

The Poland III Liga serves as a crucial stepping stone for young players looking to make a name for themselves in Polish football. It provides them with valuable experience and exposure, as well as an opportunity to catch the attention of scouts from higher divisions. Many players who have excelled in the Poland III Liga have gone on to play in the top tiers of Polish football and even represent the national team.

Overall, the Poland III Liga is a thrilling and competitive soccer tournament that showcases the talent and passion for the sport in Poland. It serves as a vital platform for aspiring footballers to develop their skills and pursue their dreams of playing professional soccer at the highest level.