Turkey 3. Lig Promotion Group Play-Offs


DateRHome vs Away-
05/25 16:00 1 52 Orduspor FK vs Elazigspor View
05/26 13:00 1 Erbaaspor vs Mus Spor FC View


Date R Home vs Away -
05/20 17:00 9 [2] Elazigspor vs Efeler 09 [5] 4-0
05/20 13:00 9 Sebat Genclikspor vs Mus Spor FC 0-3
05/20 13:00 9 Erbaaspor vs Kutahyaspor 7-5
05/20 13:00 9 Aliaga Futbol AS vs 52 Orduspor FK 2-3
05/15 17:00 9 52 Orduspor FK vs Aliaga Futbol AS 1-0
05/15 13:00 9 Kutahyaspor vs Erbaaspor 2-1
05/15 13:00 9 [5] Efeler 09 vs Elazigspor [2] 0-3
05/10 13:00 8 Ayvalikgucu Belediyespor vs 52 Orduspor FK 0-2
05/10 13:00 8 Kusadasispor vs Kutahyaspor 1-2
05/10 13:00 8 [5] Efeler 09 vs Anadolu Universitesi [6] 2-0
05/06 17:00 8 [6] Anadolu Universitesi vs Efeler 09 [5] 1-2
05/06 17:00 8 52 Orduspor FK vs Ayvalikgucu Belediyespor 1-1
The Turkey 3. Lig Promotion Group Play-Offs is an exciting and highly anticipated soccer tournament held in Turkey. It serves as a crucial stage in the promotion process for teams competing in the 3. Lig, the fourth tier of Turkish football.

The tournament brings together the top teams from the 3. Lig, who have successfully qualified for the Play-Offs based on their performance throughout the regular season. These teams battle it out in a series of intense matches, showcasing their skills, determination, and tactical prowess.

The Turkey 3. Lig Promotion Group Play-Offs offer a thrilling and competitive atmosphere, as teams fight tooth and nail to secure a spot in the higher divisions of Turkish football. The stakes are high, as the winners of the Play-Offs earn promotion to the 2. Lig, the third tier of Turkish football, providing them with an opportunity to compete against stronger opponents and gain more recognition.

The tournament features a knockout format, with teams facing off in a series of elimination matches. Each match is filled with suspense and excitement, as players give their all to secure victory for their team. The matches are played in various stadiums across Turkey, attracting passionate fans who create an electric atmosphere, cheering on their favorite teams and creating an unforgettable experience for both players and spectators.

The Turkey 3. Lig Promotion Group Play-Offs not only provide an opportunity for teams to advance to higher divisions but also serve as a platform for players to showcase their talents and catch the attention of scouts and professional clubs. It is a stepping stone for aspiring footballers to make a name for themselves and potentially secure a future in professional football.

Overall, the Turkey 3. Lig Promotion Group Play-Offs is a highly competitive and thrilling tournament that showcases the best of Turkish football. It is a celebration of skill, passion, and determination, as teams battle it out for the chance to climb the ranks and achieve their dreams of playing at higher levels of the sport.