DateRHome vs Away-
06/26 12:00 13 FK Panevezys II vs FK Garliava View
06/30 16:30 14 FK Riteriai II vs FK Siauliai II View
07/01 16:00 14 FK Dainava Alytus vs Nevezis View
07/01 16:00 14 FK Neptunas Klaipeda vs FK Babrungas View
07/02 13:00 14 FK Zalgiris Vilnius II vs FK Ekranas View
07/02 14:00 14 FK Minija vs FK Atmosfera View
07/02 15:00 14 Garliava Kaunas vs Marijampole City View
07/03 09:00 14 BE1 NFA vs FK Panevezys II View
07/03 14:00 14 FK Vilnius vs Banga Gargzdai II View
07/06 12:00 15 FK Dainava Alytus vs FK Siauliai II View
07/06 13:00 15 FK Riteriai II vs FK Babrungas View
07/06 16:00 15 Nevezis vs Garliava Kaunas View


Date R Home vs Away -
06/24 16:00 13 [3] FK Neptunas Klaipeda vs FK Riteriai II [10] 2-1
06/24 14:00 13 [9] FK Babrungas vs FK Minija [14] 3-0
06/24 13:00 13 [8] FK Zalgiris Vilnius II vs BE1 NFA [4] 0-3
06/24 12:00 13 [11] FK Ekranas vs Banga Gargzdai II [12] 4-0
06/23 16:00 13 [5] Marijampole City vs FK Dainava Alytus [4] 0-2
06/23 15:00 13 [15] FK Atmosfera vs BFA Vilnius [10] 0-1
06/23 14:00 13 [1] Nevezis vs FA Siauliai II [6] 2-0
06/20 16:00 12 [5] FK Dainava Alytus vs FK Panevezys II [16] 2-2
06/19 14:00 12 [15] FK Minija vs FK Riteriai II [9] 1-0
06/19 12:00 12 FK Siauliai II vs FK Neptunas Klaipeda 0-2
06/19 10:00 12 [6] BE1 NFA vs Banga Gargzdai II [12] 2-1
06/18 14:00 12 [9] BFA Vilnius vs FK Babrungas [10] 0-3

Wikipedia - I Lyga

The I Lyga, LFF I Lyga, Pirma Lyga, is the second tier of professional Lithuanian football championship.


There were 15 teams competing in the 2017 season. At the end of this season, three teams withdrew from all competitions.

In 2018, there were 14 teams that started the championship. However, FK Koralas Klaipėda withdrew in the mid-season. After the end of the season, two more teams have withdrawn from participation in the next season.

The 2019 season saw 16 teams starting the championship. In June FC Stumbras ran into financial difficulties, its license was withdrawn from the A Lyga, along with Stumbras B license in the I Lyga. In July Stumbras B was removed from the league, with all results annulled as the team played less than half of all season games. At the end of the season an investigation into match-fixing was launched. As a result, FK Atlantas and FK Palanga were expelled from A Lyga and demoted to II Lyga. An appeal to allow to participate in I Lyga was rejected. As the investigation continued, I Lyga side FC Kupiškis was also found to be involved in match-fixing, and subsequently fined and demoted to II Lyga.

Although the 2019 I Lyga winners FC Džiugas Telšiai won promotion to A lyga, the club failed to meet 2020 A Lyga licensing criteria, and had their promotion forfeited. Only FK Banga Gargždai had advanced to A Lyga after the 2019 season, having won the promotion playoff against the A lyga 7-th placed FK Palanga before its expulsion from the A Lyga.

The 2020 season was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and was shortened to 1.5 rounds. 14 teams participated in the tournament, with four teams offered promotion to A Lyga. The last-placed team was meant to be relegated, but in the end stayed up in I Lyga.

2021 season ran in full despite some COVID-19 threats. As four teams advanced to the A Lyga, and one club withdrew, five teams joined from the II Lyga. Previous season winner FK Jonava were denied A Lyga license because of allegations of match-fixing. The league consisted of 14 teams, with an expectation to expand the league to 16 the next season.