MIN Vikings

MIN Vikings 15-17 DAL Cowboys (NFL) 2016-12-02 01:25

DAL Cowboys


These guys... https://t.co/Uy8TSUuhlx

2016-12-02 00:39:46

Time to shine. #DALvsMIN https://t.co/87LSNS3GyS

2016-12-02 00:56:22

Records are within reach tonight for @ceeflashpee84 and @KyleRudolph82. 📰: https://t.co/S8nYhyTcQb https://t.co/Ui6uXpWbZ9

2016-12-02 01:00:22

Visor game strong! #DALvsMIN https://t.co/RYtxPPi6yF

2016-12-02 01:00:40

It's almost game time & you can watch us LIVE right here on @twitter #TNF https://t.co/xfP65TPKyn https://t.co/YMJsusnd0l

2016-12-02 01:01:11

Under the lights of @SNFonNBC! #DALvsMIN https://t.co/H8icH8HqmU

2016-12-02 01:03:13

Not close to a TV? Watch tonight's game right here on @Twitter. https://t.co/Ey11otUReM

2016-12-02 01:04:27

RT @MrInkredibleXII: Lord knows how much these cleats mean to me and my life. #MyCauseMyCleats supporting @cf_foundation in tonight's g…

2016-12-02 01:05:06

That feeling when you put on your #ColorRush jersey... https://t.co/VksAPWJuWD

2016-12-02 01:07:31

Leave everything on the field. #Skol https://t.co/DnztABYyyp

2016-12-02 01:13:09

LET'S GOOOOOOOO!!!!!! #DALvsMIN https://t.co/u083m5r3K4

2016-12-02 01:17:03

Minnesota wins the toss and elects to defer. Defense up! https://t.co/Ey11otUReM

2016-12-02 01:20:54

Minnesota won the toss and will defer. #DALvsMIN

2016-12-02 01:21:18

RT @RealDeanCain: Let's go @dallascowboys !!!! #TNF #NFL

2016-12-02 01:21:26

RT @NFL: GAME TIME! 📱💻: https://t.co/WnjN3VuYXk 📺: NBC + NFLN #TNF #DallasCowboys #SKOL https://t.co/papt4IPwLL

2016-12-02 01:25:10

RT @JordanSpieth: Let's do this 'Boys!! RT if you're watching the game tonight. #WeDemBoyz #TNF https://t.co/uALLsDbPJ0

2016-12-02 01:30:06

Our @reliantenergy fans of the game. #WinTogether #DALvsMIN https://t.co/7KZcevL5bW

2016-12-02 01:31:08

#Vikings will take over at their 11 following the Dallas punt. https://t.co/Ey11otUReM

2016-12-02 01:31:14

RT @robphillips3: Good first run by Zeke, but Vikings defense has been very good against the run at home, allowing under 100 yards/game. Go…

2016-12-02 01:31:57

RT @derekeagleton: DAL strategy on 1st possession was to force MIN defense into their nickel defense. 3-4 WR on each play.

2016-12-02 01:31:59

RT @HelmanDC: Only the 2nd time this season the Cowboys have punted on their first possession. Happened vs. Philly and Baltimore, as well.

2016-12-02 01:32:02

RT @JennieFinch: For you @dallascowboys Fans! 🏈 We've had so much fun watching Dak Prescott represent & SHINE on… https://t.co/JhDZnKCpqV

2016-12-02 01:32:16

This place is something special, isn't it? https://t.co/2KaCISeiFU

2016-12-02 01:33:44

RT @robphillips3: Damien Wilson with a stop for loss. Been very productive at LB for Dallas.

2016-12-02 01:35:38

.@athielen19 hauls in the big first down catch! https://t.co/Ey11otUReM

2016-12-02 01:36:56

#DallasCowboys force a punt on the Vikings opening series! #DALvsMIN https://t.co/xfP65TPKyn

2016-12-02 01:40:06

A @jefflocke18 punt has Dallas starting at their 15 with 6:58 left in the 1st. https://t.co/Ey11otUReM

2016-12-02 01:42:34

.@AnthonyBarr with the forced fumble and the #Vikings recover! https://t.co/uY3PzivTQB

2016-12-02 01:45:55

The previous play is under review.

2016-12-02 01:46:08

#DallasCowboys recover their own fumble and the call is overturned. #DALvsMIN https://t.co/xfP65TPKyn

2016-12-02 01:47:55

The ruling on the field is overturned. Officials determine offense recovered first.

2016-12-02 01:48:12

RT @nickeatman: vikings defense coming back on field

2016-12-02 01:48:24

Big 3rd down stop! https://t.co/crYkYLH62B

2016-12-02 01:48:47

Sam Bradford to @KyleRudolph82 and the #Vikings are in Dallas territory! https://t.co/Ey11otUReM

2016-12-02 01:52:12

RT @HelmanDC: What a big call. 3rd-and-inches becomes 3rd-and-10, just like that.

2016-12-02 01:55:25

.@KaiForbath's 48-yard FG is good! https://t.co/yW0UK9WHQx

2016-12-02 01:56:22

RT @HelmanDC: Cowboys have made contact w/ Bradford twice in two possessions -- which, for this pass rush, is at least a step in the right…

2016-12-02 01:58:21

#Vikings hold a 3-0 lead after the 1st quarter. https://t.co/pED6xekxTv

2016-12-02 02:03:43

Three more quarters to go! #DALvsMIN https://t.co/xfP65TPKyn #TNF https://t.co/O3wp6iJHQq

2016-12-02 02:04:12

Dallas is LIT tonight! Literally! #NikeColorRush #LightUpThursdayNight Go Cowboys! https://t.co/G8jzx27S75

2016-12-02 02:06:01

.@EversonGriffen with the force, @EricKendricks54 with the recovery. #Vikings ball! https://t.co/GU9nIZhdXX

2016-12-02 02:07:07

RT @VikingsPR: .@EversonGriffen forces his 5th career fumble. @EricKendricks54 gets his 1st career fumble recovery.

2016-12-02 02:07:55

RT @HelmanDC: Zeke is averaging 4.6 YPC. I don't see the need for the cleverness. Especially w/ a guy with questionable ball security.

2016-12-02 02:08:26

What a play, @EversonGriffen! #ProBowlVote https://t.co/xJVzbTIYWD

2016-12-02 02:09:18

Let's go D! #DALvsMIN https://t.co/M9fOkf5SXj

2016-12-02 02:12:01

#DallasCowboys force a punt! #TNF https://t.co/xfP65TPKyn

2016-12-02 02:12:09

RT @VikingsPR: .@KyleRudolph82 has a new career high in receiving yards this season with 497. Previous best was 495 yards last season.

2016-12-02 02:12:16

That close!!!! #DALvsMIN https://t.co/kgjlo8cfWO

2016-12-02 02:14:31

Reminder: @Dak can run! #DALvsMIN https://t.co/xfP65TPKyn

2016-12-02 02:17:30

THROW UP THE X! What a catch by @DezBryant #DALvsMIN https://t.co/xfP65TPKyn

2016-12-02 02:19:59

RT @robphillips3: Great throw by Dak, great double-move route and catch by Dez, and outstanding protection from the offensive line to let t…

2016-12-02 02:21:15

#FEEDZEKE @EzekielElliott gets the score! #DALvsMIN https://t.co/CLRsEaI38e

2016-12-02 02:23:16

Dallas takes a 7-3 lead after the 1-yard TD run.

2016-12-02 02:23:20

#DallasCowboys take the lead! #DALvsMIN #TNF https://t.co/TVe0i23HSJ

2016-12-02 02:24:12

#DallasCowboys kicking off after @EzekielElliott's touchdown! #DALvsMIN https://t.co/xfP65TPKyn

2016-12-02 02:25:26

RT @HelmanDC: The 56-yarder to Dez was the 2nd-longest completion of Dak's season -- the 1st being the 83-yard screen pass in Pittsburgh.

2016-12-02 02:25:30

3 straight Dallas penalties put the #Vikings on their side of the field. https://t.co/Ey11otUReM

2016-12-02 02:29:17

RT @HelmanDC: Anthony Brown w/ great coverage on that deep ball, followed by a great assist on the tackle on McKinnon. Dude's good.

2016-12-02 02:30:43

#DallasCowboys defense forces another punt! #DALvsMIN https://t.co/xfP65TPKyn

2016-12-02 02:31:25

RT @88DrewPearson: Congrats @dallascowboys @EzekielElliott That's rare company you are in! #DALvsMIN https://t.co/f45R8wXNWu

2016-12-02 02:31:40

Dez being Dez. #DALvsMIN https://t.co/QyDNuYpmzo

2016-12-02 02:33:59

Two-minute warning! #DALvsMIN https://t.co/xfP65TPKyn

2016-12-02 02:36:29

Shaun Hill in at QB for the #Vikings.

2016-12-02 02:43:52

#DallasCowboys SACK! #DALvsMIN https://t.co/xfP65TPKyn

2016-12-02 02:45:08

RT @HelmanDC: 3 big hurries by Lawrence this half, then Maliek Collins finishes the drive with his 3rd sack of the season. Dallas pass rush…

2016-12-02 02:46:10

.@DHunt94_TX gets to Dak Prescott for the #Vikings sack! https://t.co/MgEQ5jMWGX

2016-12-02 02:47:08

RT @VikingsPR: .@DHunt94_TX now has a team-leading 8.5 sacks on the season.

2016-12-02 02:47:40

#DallasCowboys lead going to the second half! #DALvsMIN https://t.co/XlfZRdurLy

2016-12-02 02:47:57

#Vikings trail Dallas 7-3 at halftime. https://t.co/4AZOnQVUPm

2016-12-02 02:48:12

.@TankLawrence bringing the 🔥🔥 #DALvsMIN https://t.co/zee6sOysAp

2016-12-02 02:52:21

He knows what to do! #DALvsMIN https://t.co/WFbQ4X7trk

2016-12-02 02:56:07

Sam Bradford will return to play in the 2nd half.

2016-12-02 02:59:30

Sam Bradford's first pass in the 2nd half? A 25-yard connection to @MrInkredibleXII.

2016-12-02 03:02:34

Sam Bradford with a 10-yard run for a #Vikings 1st down.

2016-12-02 03:04:36

RT @NFL: NICE throw. NICE catch. #SKOL #SKOL #SKOL 📱💻: https://t.co/WnjN3VuYXk 📺: NBC + NFLN #TNF #DALvsMIN https://t.co/E8h3KwTd1P

2016-12-02 03:06:35

We see you @BCarr39 #DALvsMIN https://t.co/xfP65TPKyn

2016-12-02 03:08:19

Dallas will start at their 9 following the @jefflocke18 punt.

2016-12-02 03:08:33

Showin off the speed. #Skol https://t.co/cr08kUZ4PT

2016-12-02 03:10:23

Big catch! @dak + @DezBryant #DALvsMIN https://t.co/xfP65TPKyn

2016-12-02 03:12:19

RT @VikingsPR: .@XavierRhodes29_ with the 3rd TFL for a #Vikings DB tonight.

2016-12-02 03:15:15

#Vikings take over at their 33 following the Dallas punt. https://t.co/Ey11otUReM

2016-12-02 03:17:12

Sam Bradford connects with @KyleRudolph82 to move the chains. https://t.co/Ey11otUReM

2016-12-02 03:22:01

Sean Lee #DALvsMIN https://t.co/4DlJPaYLS8

2016-12-02 03:22:12

Matt Asiata gains 14 yards and the #Vikings are at the Dallas 24.

2016-12-02 03:22:26

RT @VikingsPR: New #Vikings home attendance record: 66,860

2016-12-02 03:22:31

Bend but don't break! #DALvsMIN https://t.co/xfP65TPKyn

2016-12-02 03:24:59