Alfreton Town

Alfreton Town 4-1 Gainsborough Trinity (England FA Trophy) 2016-11-30 19:45

Weather: Cold Stadium: Impact Arena Pitch: Excellent

Alfreton Town   Gainsborough
4 Goals 1
4 Corners 9
1 Yellow Card 1
0 Red Card 0
0 Penalties 0
0 Substitutions 0
110 110
96 96
60 60
Dangerous Attacks
54 54
9 9
On Target
6 6
2 2
Off Target
11 11
57 57
Possession %
43 43


Just under an hour to kickoff here at Impact Arena for our FA Trophy replay with @alfretontownfc There could be extra time & pens tonight!

2016-11-30 18:51:41

@alfretontownfc line up tonight: Spiess, Mantack, Heaton, Kennedy, McGowan, Nyoni, Wilson, Smith, Clayton, Priestley, Monkhouse (c)

2016-11-30 19:08:15

Just the one change for #Trinity James Reid making way for Astley Workload. Full team sheet to follow shortly

2016-11-30 19:11:26

#Trinity team news for the Alfreton Town FC FA Trophy replay:

2016-11-30 19:16:38

#Trinity vs @alfretontownfc #replay #teamnews #line-up

2016-11-30 19:18:10

Thanks to our amazing sponsors: Team news

2016-11-30 19:28:07

On the bench for Gainsborough Trinity. Thank you for your sponsorship #inittogether

2016-11-30 19:31:26

The teams are out, the handshakes are complete - let's get it on!

2016-11-30 19:43:49

RT @rob_makepeace: The capacity crowd goes wild as the 2 teams make their way onto the pitch *might be a hint of sarcasm in this tweet…

2016-11-30 19:44:07

Alfreton to get the game underway, down the slope first half.

2016-11-30 19:45:02

Straight out of play from the kick off, Trinity throw in the right back position 0-0

2016-11-30 19:45:35

1: M Wilson ball forward finds Jarman, who wins an early corner. L Wilson takes. Panic in the box and shot blocked - clear

2016-11-30 19:46:42

3: FK @alfretontownfc right back area. Aimed towards Clayton who wins his header. It's cleared by the #blues

2016-11-30 19:48:20

Clayton already putting himself about. Be an interesting tustle again between him and @mattysw87 #Reds have a corner

2016-11-30 19:50:21

5: Lacey off the line after the centre back up from defence rises highest to head on goal 0-0

2016-11-30 19:50:59

Good claim from Willis sets Trinity away, picks out Worsfold with a quick throw out and Templeton carries the ball

2016-11-30 19:53:07

Templeton cross on the run, Lacey is the man arriving at the back post, but the Alfreton defender smuggles it out for a throw 0-0

2016-11-30 19:53:43

12: Monkhouse has to be alert after a bright one touch spell of interplay involving Thewlis, Worsfold and Lacey. Good play!

2016-11-30 19:57:45

13: Double block by @alfretontownfc 'keeper Spiess bravely biocking twice at the feet of Reece Hands

2016-11-30 19:58:25

14: 25 yards out, and a well worked opportunity for Laurie Wilson, he let's fly but it's narrowly over the bar 0-0

2016-11-30 19:59:30

20: Another good break from #Trinity following a confident take from Willis, out to wing back Lacey who is able to break over halfway 0-0

2016-11-30 20:05:36

23: Willis taken out as he attempts to claim another booming cross. Jarmo not a happy bunny. Play to restart in red half with a dropball 0-0

2016-11-30 20:09:02

28: Superb recovery tackle by Laurie Wilson after #Trinity were almost caught with a quick throw down the right 0-0

2016-11-30 20:13:31

30: Corner to #Trinity in the final third. Josh Lacey trots forward to take the throw. It's dealt with at the front post - just 0-0

2016-11-30 20:15:59

32: Heaton is allowed to dance into the box and square across the six yard box. Fortunately for #Trinity there is no one there to profit

2016-11-30 20:17:26

Offside against Thewlis after some good play, winning the second ball, Hands attempting a clever throughball. Maybe should have shot?

2016-11-30 20:20:28

36: Ball dropping for Laurie Wilson after Lacey had cut back onto his left foot to cross. Wilson's volley not troubling Spiess 0-0

2016-11-30 20:21:44

38: GOALLLLLLLLLLL!!!!! Jordan Thewlis profits and puts Gainsborough a goal up 0-1

2016-11-30 20:23:49

A frightfully short backpass sees Spiess exposed and Thewlis nicks the ball, rounds the keeper and rolls home!

2016-11-30 20:24:54

LATEST SCORE - @alfretontownfc 0-1 @GainsTrinityFC Jordan Thewils (38)

2016-11-30 20:27:27

43: Bright and alert goalkeeping from Willis sees the ex Blade punch clear under pressure and relieve some of the pressure 0-1

2016-11-30 20:28:07

44: He is alert again, out quickly to block at the feet of the Alfreton forward. George Willis putting his body on the line. 0-1

2016-11-30 20:30:15

That's the half time whistle and here at The Impact Arena, Gainsborough Trinity lead by a goal to nil

2016-11-30 20:32:39

Half time - @alfretontownfc 0-1 @GainsTrinityFC (Thewils 38)

2016-11-30 20:39:54

Tonights #ATFC XI - Spiess,Mantack,Heaton,Kennedy,McGowan,Nyoni,Wilson,Smith,Clayton,Priestley,Monkhouse (c) #COYR!

2016-11-30 20:44:40

RT @danny3oyle: How we are losing is beyond me ffs come on @alfretontownfc #atfc #COYR !!!

2016-11-30 20:44:53

On the bench for the Reds - Hearn,Smith,Westcarr,Marshall,Allan #COYR!

2016-11-30 20:47:09

And we are underway in the second half! #COYR!

2016-11-30 20:49:02

Triple change for the hosts @alfretontownfc Marshall Westcarr Byrne on Smith Mantack Priestley off

2016-11-30 20:50:45

THREE Subs for the Reds at HT - Mantack,Priestley,Smith replaced by Hearn,Westcarr and Allan

2016-11-30 20:50:52

47: Good play by L Wilson on his return to The Impact, finds Templeton who delivers a cross on the run - good attacking play. No one there

2016-11-30 20:51:52

Jarman wins #Trinity a throw in right in the corner. Templeton to take for the visitors

2016-11-30 20:53:07

51: Laurie Wilson with the flighted delivery. Jarman with a controlled strike blocked before it got going. Templeton's effort wild 0-1

2016-11-30 20:54:40

Poor header from Wilson towards Spiess which leaves Gainsborough bearing down on the Reds goal but a great recovery from Kennedy - Corner.

2016-11-30 20:55:54

53: Worsfold good hold up play, wins a corner on the #Trinity right, Beatson just not able to connect fully. Now a Blue throw 0-1

2016-11-30 20:57:05

Cleared away but Gainsborough force another. Comes to nothing. Still Alfreton 0-1 Gainsborough.

2016-11-30 20:58:06

62: Corner to #Trinity Laurie Wilson across to take again, out swing...back out to LW via Hands, sumptuous cross fraction too high for Jarmo

2016-11-30 21:06:13

Good ball to Wilson in space down the left from McGowan as the Reds enjoy a period of possession but its comes to nothing.

2016-11-30 21:06:23

Josh Lacey invited forward by Reece Hands, but it's neither a cross or a shot from the wing back. It's a corner that's cleared in the end

2016-11-30 21:09:35

Gainsborough corner. Still Alfreton 0-1 Gainsborough. Comes to nothing once more. Pretty turgid stuff so far here

2016-11-30 21:11:10

70: Heaton long throw, punched clear by Willis. Cross back in cut out by Evans. Good work rate from the front 3 here 0-1

2016-11-30 21:14:42

Brad McGowan into the book, taking out Nathan Jarman on the halfway line as #Trinity looked to break

2016-11-30 21:15:21

Into the final 20 minutes at the Impact Arena. Can the Reds force a leveller

2016-11-30 21:15:56

74: FK Alfreton in a dangerous position, 25 yards left of centre. Westcarr fancies it...

2016-11-30 21:17:23

Tonights attendance at the Impact Arena is 175! Thanks for your support on this cold evening. Reds earn a freekick... Westcarr to take..

2016-11-30 21:17:48

Willis stood his ground well and did well to turn over Westcarr's strike that was on target over for a corner. Cleared

2016-11-30 21:18:12

GREAT SAVE! Former Red Willis pushes it over for a Corner. The Ref spots a freekick though and the visitors clear.

2016-11-30 21:19:25

Laurie Wilson with a one two with the wall. First one wasn't great. Second one swung in with some devil. Too good! 0-1

2016-11-30 21:20:30

Clayton & M Wilson continue their battle royale and Willis gets a stroke of luck there as the ball didn't drop for the #Reds on edge of 18yd

2016-11-30 21:22:39

Into the final ten minutes. Reds showing signs of life in the last few minutes 0-1.

2016-11-30 21:24:14

77: Alex Wiles is on in place of the goal scorer Jordan Thewlis with 13 remaining

2016-11-30 21:25:48

Gainsborough make a Sub - Goalscorer Thewils replaced by Wiles

2016-11-30 21:25:51

Thank you for your tremendous support lads and lasses! #inittogether

2016-11-30 21:26:36

Reece Hands #bodyontheline with a brilliant tackle and a block. FK goes #Blue Time to ticking down. Keep strong boys

2016-11-30 21:28:59

Matty Wilson gives away the foul on you guessed it, Paul Clayton - 25 yards fractionally left of centre...

2016-11-30 21:30:00

3 minutes to go. Alfreton free kick in a dangerous area. Westcarr to strike...GOAL!!!!!!! WOW! Fantastic freekick!

2016-11-30 21:31:14

88: 1-1 Alfreton in the cruellest of fashions, Craig Westcarr's free kick off the bar strikes the bar and the back of Willis & crosses line

2016-11-30 21:31:30

89: Jarman fashions an effort of his own that loops up and Spiess has to watch all the way and turn over for a corner

2016-11-30 21:32:22

1 minute to play plus added time! Extra time looms! Alfreton 1-1 Gainsborough

2016-11-30 21:32:53

RT @dominic_hynes: Goal! @alfretontownfc 1-1 @GainsTrinityFC

2016-11-30 21:33:04

Pinball across the face of the #Trinity goal as the game enters stoppage time It's looking like a long night...

2016-11-30 21:34:45

RT @Trappsradio: @trikillietom @NonLeagueAD @GainsTrinityFC @alfretontownfc proper football supporter's, credit to them all.

2016-11-30 21:35:18

90+2 Jarman skews his effort off target after he was picked out by a brilliant cross field pass. Wide of the near post! 1-1

2016-11-30 21:36:12

The Reds are pushing for a winner as Westcarr finds a pocket of space. He crosses to Monkhouse tries to place it but gets it all wrong!

2016-11-30 21:36:22

90+3 Liam Hearn gets himself into the box and tries to beat Willis at his near post. The stopper is down smartly to save

2016-11-30 21:37:02

And that's 90 minutes. 1-1 There will now be a period of 30 minutes each way extra time.

2016-11-30 21:37:41

The Ref blows for full time! Extra time at the Impact Arena in the #FATrophy FT Alfreton 1-1 Gainsborough Westcarr 87 Thewils 38

2016-11-30 21:38:46

175 attendance this evening watching extra time with the potential of penalties...

2016-11-30 21:40:42

Adam Chapman comes on to make his debut, Ashley Worsfold the man to make way at the start of extra time 2x 15 mins

2016-11-30 21:42:31

Gainsborough make a change at the start of extra time. Worsfold replaced by Chapman

2016-11-30 21:42:42

In no uncertain terms, Jarmo is told 'No more!' by this evening's referee

2016-11-30 21:43:41

RT @BCAFCBH: FT: @alfretontownfc 1-1 @GainsTrinityFC Stunning 25-yard free kick from Craig Westcarr to equalise- extra time i…

2016-11-30 21:45:45

Extra time underway...#COYR!

2016-11-30 21:46:13

The Reds have come alive and have started extra time the better side. No clear chances though. Gainsborough come forward and earn a corner

2016-11-30 21:49:46

Blocked cross, could have gone anywhere, it's #Trinity corner, but it doesn't fall for the boys in Blue!

2016-11-30 21:50:11

Laurie Wilson with an improvised effort directed goalwards via the moon and Spiess collides with his post as he puts it behind

2016-11-30 21:50:46

CLOSE! A punt forward from Laurie Wilson takes a wicked deflection and almost catches Spiess out but he back prddles well. Corner. Cleared

2016-11-30 21:52:28

Corner to the hosts, from the #Trinity right

2016-11-30 21:54:21

Josh Lacey heads over from under his cross bar - but this time it's scrambled home at the back post 2-1

2016-11-30 21:55:05

Alfreton flagkick. Cleared away for another...GOAL!!!! THE REDS LEAD! Paul Clayton!

2016-11-30 21:55:32

102: PAUL CLAYTON puts @alfretontownfc 2-1 up an almighty scramble

2016-11-30 21:55:51

@alfretontownfc 2-1 @GainsTrinityFC Westcarr delivered the corner and Clayton was in the right place to bundle it home! GET IN!

2016-11-30 21:56:56

Fizzed over by Ryan Wilson, not far away from 35 yards - and that's that for the first half of extra time Alfreton 2 - 1 Gainsborough

2016-11-30 21:58:37

HT in Extra Time @alfretontownfc 2-1 @GainsTrinityFC

2016-11-30 22:00:41

105: Sub for #Trinity @joshualacey94 is replaced by James Reid

2016-11-30 22:01:16

Final @GainsTrinityFC Sub - Lacey replaced by Reid We are back underway! #COYR!

2016-11-30 22:01:44

James Reid is on as #Trinity look for a way back into the game and set up a tie with @northferribyutd on Dec 10th

2016-11-30 22:02:04

Ball on the edge of the box sat up beautifully for Alex Wiles but he fluffs the shot, really didn't get hold of it! #belief

2016-11-30 22:04:07

110: 3-1 PAUL CLAYTON with a header from six yards after Liam Hearn wriggled free and shot. Willis with the save, Clayton with gaping goal

2016-11-30 22:06:37

GOOOOAALLL!!! PAUL CLAYTON with his second! The Reds lead 3-1!

2016-11-30 22:07:13

@alfretontownfc 3-1 @GainsTrinityFC Two Reds legends in Clayton and Hearn combine and its Clayton who puts the tie to bed

2016-11-30 22:08:43

George Willis has had to come off injured. Looked nasty. Matty Wilson takes over in goal

2016-11-30 22:08:58

@GainsTrinityFC keeper looks to have picked up a knock there and cannot continue. Matt Wilson between the posts now for Trinity

2016-11-30 22:11:03

115: Beatson onto the loose ball and fires one narrowly over, dipping effort - but Spiess untroubled

2016-11-30 22:11:42

2 minutes to go plus added time 3-1 #COYR

2016-11-30 22:14:49

119: 4-1 CRAIG WESTCARR unmarked at the back post and slides it past deputy keeper Wilson.

2016-11-30 22:16:10

RT @rob_makepeace: 4-1 now to Alfreton. Gutted for @GainsTrinityFC . 1 bit of bad luck in 88th minute changed this one.

2016-11-30 22:16:50

GOAL! Its FOUR! As the Gainsborough push forward Clayton wins it and plays in Westcarr who finishes with aplomb! 4-1

2016-11-30 22:17:05

That's full time here at The Impact Arena and it's finished Alfreton Town 4-1 Gainsborough Trinity AET

2016-11-30 22:18:01

FULL TIME - @alfretontownfc 4-1 @GainsTrinityFC Westcarr 87,119 Clayton 102,110)

2016-11-30 22:19:22



0 1 4
1 1 1


  • 1' - 1st Corner - Gainsborough
  • 5' - 2nd Corner - Alfreton Town
  • 38' - 1st Goal - (Gainsborough) -
  • 0-1: First Half score
  • 52' - 3rd Corner - Gainsborough
  • 54' - 4th Corner - Gainsborough
  • 54' - Race to 3 Corners - Gainsborough
  • 54' - 5th Corner - Gainsborough
  • 62' - 6th Corner - Gainsborough
  • 62' - Race to 5 Corners - Gainsborough
  • 66' - 7th Corner - Gainsborough
  • 72' - 1st Yellow Card - (Alfreton Town)
  • 75' - 8th Corner - Alfreton Town
  • 88' - 2nd Goal - (Alfreton Town) -
  • 89' - 9th Corner - Gainsborough
  • 89' - Race to 7 Corners - Gainsborough
  • 1-1: Second Half score
  • Extra Time
  • 91' - 2nd Yellow Card - (Gainsborough)
  • 97' - 1st Corner ET - Gainsborough
  • 98' - 2nd Corner ET - Gainsborough
  • 102' - 3rd Corner ET - Alfreton Town
  • 102' - 4th Corner ET - Alfreton Town
  • 103' - 1st Goal ET- - Alfreton Town -
  • 110' - 2nd Goal ET- Westcarr - Alfreton Town -
  • 120' - 3rd Goal ET- - Alfreton Town -
  • 4-1: Extra Time score