Gambia GFA League 05/21 16:30 - Brikama United v Team Rhino FC L 0-1
Gambia GFA League 05/15 16:00 - Brikama United v Fortune FC L 1-2
Gambia GFA League 05/10 16:00 - WAA Banjul v Brikama United L 1-0
Gambia GFA League 05/05 16:00 - Marimoo v Brikama United D 0-0
Gambia GFA League 04/27 16:30 - Greater Tomorrow FC v Brikama United W 0-1
Gambia GFA League 04/18 16:00 - Brikama United v Real de Banjul W 3-2
Gambia GFA League 04/06 16:00 - Wallidan FC v Brikama United L 1-0
Gambia FF Cup 04/02 16:30 - Brikama United v Medina United FC L 5-6
Gambia GFA League 03/23 16:00 - Gambia Armed Force v Brikama United W 0-2
Gambia GFA League 03/19 16:00 - Brikama United v Steve Biko FC W 3-2
Gambia FF Cup 03/14 16:00 - Real de Banjul v Brikama United W 5-6
Gambia GFA League 03/07 16:30 - Brikama United v Banjul United W 1-0


Matches played 30 15 15
Wins 9 5 4
Draws 8 4 4
Losses 13 6 7
Goals for 32 20 12
Goals against 37 21 16
Clean sheets 9 5 4
Failed to score 12 5 7

Wikipedia - Brikama United FC

Brikama United Football Club is a Gambian football club located in Brikama, Gambia. It is a community football club which is owned and run by BYSA (Brikama Youth and Sports Association). It currently plays in GFA League First Division. It is the first club outside Banjul, the capital city, to win the GFA First Division title since the league's inception in 1969.

Brikama United FC plays its home matches at the Brikama Mini Stadium commonly and locally known as 'Box Bar'. It is the first artificial turf in the Gambia.

Brikama United is a professional soccer team based in Brikama, Gambia. The team was founded in 2003 and has since become a dominant force in Gambian football. Known for their attacking style of play and strong defensive line, Brikama United has a loyal fan base and a reputation for producing talented young players.

The team's colors are blue and white, and they play their home matches at the Brikama Box Bar Mini Stadium. Brikama United has won several domestic trophies, including the Gambian First Division League and the Gambia FF Cup.

With a strong coaching staff and dedicated players, Brikama United continues to strive for success both domestically and on the international stage. Their commitment to developing local talent and promoting the sport of soccer in Gambia has earned them respect and admiration from fans and competitors alike.