Kuwait League 04/27 14:30 4 Al Fahaheel SC vs Al Arabi SC - View
Kuwait League 05/02 14:35 5 Al Arabi SC vs Al Kuwait SC - View
Kuwait League 05/07 14:35 6 Al Naser SC vs Al Arabi SC - View
Kuwait League 05/11 14:40 7 Al Arabi SC vs Al Salmiyah SC - View
Kuwait League 05/16 17:30 8 Al Qadsia SC vs Al Arabi SC - View
Kuwait League 05/24 16:15 9 Al Arabi SC vs Al Fahaheel SC - View


Kuwait League 04/07 18:30 3 [2] Al Arabi SC v Al Qadsia SC [3] D 1-1
Kuwait League 04/07 18:30 4 Al Fahaheel SC v Al Arabi SC - PPT.
Kuwait League 04/03 18:30 3 Al Arabi SC v Al Qadsia SC - PPT.
Kuwait League 03/30 18:30 2 [6] Al Salmiyah SC v Al Arabi SC [1] D 1-1
Kuwait League 03/13 19:00 1 [2] Al Arabi SC v Al Naser SC [5] W 3-1
Kuwait League 03/08 16:40 18 [7] Kazma SC v Al Arabi SC [2] W 0-1
Kuwait League 03/03 16:35 17 [2] Al Kuwait SC v Al Arabi SC [1] L 2-1
Kuwait Super Cup 02/22 16:45 2 Al Arabi SC v Kazma SC L 3-5
Kuwait League 02/17 13:45 16 [1] Al Arabi SC v Al Naser SC [5] W 6-3
Kuwait League 02/12 16:25 15 [1] Al Arabi SC v Al Jahra [10] W 6-0
Kuwait Cup 02/08 17:00 2 Al Arabi SC v Al Qadsia SC L 1-2
Kuwait Cup 02/01 16:50 3 Al Arabi SC v Al Naser SC W 3-1


Matches played 38 22 16
Wins 21 13 8
Draws 11 6 5
Losses 6 3 3
Goals for 79 47 32
Goals against 43 21 22
Clean sheets 12 9 3
Failed to score 4 4 0

Wikipedia - Al-Arabi SC (Kuwait)

Al-Arabi Sporting Club (Arabic: النادي العربي الرياضي) is a Kuwaiti sports club based in Mansuriya district of Kuwait City. The most notable section is football team in the Kuwait Premier League.

Al-Arabi SC was named Al-ʿUrūba (Arabic: العُروبَة, lit. 'The Arabism') at the beginning of 1953, and changed to Al-Arabi SC (The Arabian) in 1960. As winners of the Kuwait Emir Cup in 2008, Al-Arabi SC was the first Kuwaiti team to compete in the AFC Cup. Al-Arabi SC has 63 official trophies next to its name (61 domestic and 2 GCC), the most of any Kuwaiti football team. Al-Arabi SC's stadium is Sabah Al-Salem Stadium in Mansūriya, a suburb of the capital of the country, Kuwait City. It is the second-largest stadium in Kuwait. It had the same points as Kuwait SC in 2014–15 season, but the title went to Kuwait by the principle of the results of the matches between the two teams.

Al-Arabi SC is the only team in Kuwait that has never lost in the Kuwait Super Cup. Holding both records for appearances in the final of the Kuwait Crown Prince Cup 4 consecutive times tied with Kuwait SC and in Kuwait Emir Cup going to the final 11 consecutive times since 1962 to 1973, more than any Kuwaiti team.


The beginning

The club was founded as Al-Uruba in mid-1953 as one of the first Kuwaiti teams. Some of the most notable players were Abdulwahab Al-Awadie, Abdulaziz Al-Khatieb, Musad Al-Musad, Mohammed Al-Dawlee, Abdulmajied Mohammed, Mohammed Al-Somale, Dasman Bakhiet, Ahmad Bodha, Monaier Al-Dagag, Fuad Al-Ashgar, Ahmad Hussain, Abbas Al-Shemaly, Mossa Al-Somale, Nayef Dalool and Mohhamed Salah Al-Roomy.

At first in 1960s Al-Arabi SC was structured with divisions of football, basketball, volleyball and weightlifting.

At the beginning Al-Arabi SC made many achievements, thanks to their players and submitted board members. Al-Arabi has many sports with separate facilities. Abdulaziz Al-Khatib multi-purpose hall is used for basketball, handball, volleyball, squash, and can accommodate about 2,000 spectators. The swimming pool has a capacity of 1,500 spectators.[] Club also has 4 tennis courts, gymnastics hall, judo, table tennis and boxing sections.

1960–1980 (starting of Il-Za'īm)

Through the years Al-Arabi SC has won the Kuwait Premier League 7 times. They have also won 3 Joint Leagues, 6 Emir Cup's and 1 Federation Cup. They were the first-ever Kuwaiti team to play outside Kuwait, by competing in friendly matches against teams through the Arabian Peninsula, showing competitive play.

On 3 December 1974 Al-Arabi SC faced Lazio from Italy and beat them 1–0 in a friendly match.


In 1982 Al-Arabi SC was the first-ever team to win Gulf Club Champions Cup (GCC Champions League), and then won it again in 2003.

Al-Arabi SC had changed their logo in 1991. From 1990-2005 they have won 26 titles. Their then-last league title came in 2001–02, with occasional AFC Cup appearances.


Through these 2 seasons they won 2 titles: the Kuwait Super Cup and Kuwait Crown Prince Cup. On 27 December 2011, they were crowned champions of the Crown Prince Cup after 3 trophy-less seasons.

2012–13 UAFA Cup

Al-Arabi had qualified for the final match of UAFA CUP. They were faced against Al-Fateh SC of Saudi Arabia. In the first leg they won 3–2 in Kuwait City, and in the away leg played in Saudi Arabia they tied 2-2, but they qualified to the next round on aggregate (5-4). In the quarter finals, they were matched up against Al-Nassr, again of Saudi Arabia. They lost 3-2 in the first leg played away in Saudi Arabia, however they won 2-0 at home, thus qualifying to the semi-final on aggregate (4-3). In the semi-final, they were matched up against Raja Casablanca. They tied at home 1-1 and in the away leg 2-2. However, they moved on to the final because of the away goals rule.

In the final, they played against USM Alger from Algeria. They tied 0-0 in Kuwait and lost they away leg 3-2, with several controversial refereeing decisions.


In the 2013–14 season, Al-Arabi SC qualified for the Kuwait Crown Cup final third time in a row, losing to Al-Qadsia SC (2–1), with more controversial refereeing decisions. In the same season Al-Arabi SC finished 5th in the league and got knocked out of the Kuwait Emir Cup by Al-Qadsia penalties, but ended their season winning Kuwait Federation Cup 4–2 over Al-Salmiya SC.


In the 2014–15 season Al-Arabi signed Firas Al-Khatib, showing how strong they want to win Kuwaiti Premier League. They also signed Ivusa from Sahel SC, sent Mahmoud Al-Maowas on loan, and eventually released Ivusa, resigning Maowas and buying Hashem Al-Ramzi. However, Boris Bunjak told Khaled Khalaf he is not needed in Al-Arabi SC. When Al-Arabi SC left for a 2-week pre-season in Turkey, they took Ahmad Hawas, former Al-Salmiya player.

They have claimed seasonal seats to be sold the first time, for a fee of $385.

On 16 October 2014 Al-Arabi SC became the first Kuwaiti team to have an anthem.

After defeating Kuwait SC 4–2 (aet) in the Crown Prince Cup final, it was Al-Arabi's 57th official title.

ِAl-Arabi lost the crucial Kuwait City Derby on 10 April 2015 vs Kuwait SC 1–0. The match had all the seats filled to the last, for the first time in the history of Kuwaiti football.

Manager Bunjak has requested preparation tour to Italy which was announced, but on 17 July 2015 it was officially stated that he has left the club.

Return to old ways

On 7 December 2015 it was announced that Luiz Felipe has left the club immediately after defeat to Al-Salmiya SC in the Crown Prince Cup. Boris Bunjak returned to manage the team right after.

After the loss of Emir Cup Final to Kuwait SC, the club went into war between fans and head office. After signing with Miodrag Ješić on 13 November 2016, they became the first club in the middle east to have seven managers across two seasons.

By 2021, Al-Arabi managed to win the seventeenth league title in its history, with the help of its Croatian coach Ante Miše after nineteen years, without any loss in 18 games.

Al Arabi SC is a professional soccer team based in Kuwait City, Kuwait. The team was founded in 1960 and has a rich history of success in Kuwaiti football. Al Arabi SC is known for its passionate fan base and competitive spirit on the field.

The team's colors are red and white, and they play their home matches at the Sabah Al-Salem Stadium. Al Arabi SC has a strong roster of talented players, both domestic and international, who work together to achieve success in domestic and regional competitions.

Al Arabi SC has won multiple Kuwaiti Premier League titles and Kuwait Emir Cup championships throughout its history. The team is known for its attacking style of play and skilled players who can create scoring opportunities.

Off the field, Al Arabi SC is involved in various community initiatives and charitable events, demonstrating their commitment to giving back to the local community. The team has a dedicated fan base that supports them through thick and thin, creating a vibrant and exciting atmosphere at their matches.

Overall, Al Arabi SC is a respected and successful soccer team in Kuwait, with a proud history and a bright future ahead.