Saudi Arabia Division 1 05/28 18:00 34 Al Kholood vs Al Adalh - View


Saudi Arabia Division 1 05/21 18:00 33 [5] Al Adalh v Ohod Madinah [15] W 2-0
Saudi Arabia Division 1 05/15 17:50 32 [12] Al Ain FC v Al Adalh [5] D 1-1
Saudi Arabia Division 1 05/06 15:55 31 [5] Al Adalh v Al-Bukayriyah FC [13] W 3-2
Saudi Arabia Division 1 04/29 17:50 30 [17] Hajer v Al Adalh [5] D 1-1
Saudi Arabia Division 1 04/23 15:50 29 [5] Al Adalh v Al Jandal [11] W 2-0
Saudi Arabia Division 1 04/16 16:05 28 [7] Al Batin v Al Adalh [5] W 1-2
Saudi Arabia Division 1 03/29 18:30 27 [5] Al Adalh v Al Taraji [18] D 1-1
Saudi Arabia Division 1 03/17 18:30 26 [5] Al Adalh v Al-Arabi Al-Saudi [4] D 2-2
Saudi Arabia Division 1 03/09 13:10 25 [6] Al Jabalain v Al Adalh [7] W 1-2
Saudi Arabia Division 1 03/03 15:20 24 [7] Al Adalh v Al Safa [14] D 1-1
Saudi Arabia Division 1 02/27 12:55 23 [18] Al Qaisoma v Al Adalh [7] L 3-1
Saudi Arabia Division 1 02/19 15:15 22 [6] Al Adalh v Al Najma [10] D 2-2


Matches played 35 18 17
Wins 15 9 6
Draws 12 6 6
Losses 8 3 5
Goals for 51 27 24
Goals against 43 19 24
Clean sheets 7 5 2
Failed to score 6 3 3

Wikipedia - Al-Adalah FC

Al-Adalah Football Club (Arabic: نادي العدالة لكرة القدم, romanized: nādī al-ʿadāla l-kurat al-qadam, "Justice F.C."), is a Saudi Arabian professional football club based in Al-Hulaylah, Al-Ahsa, that plays in the Saudi First Division League. The club was founded in 1984.

Al-Adalah have finished as Second Division runners-up twice, first in the 2008–09 season and then in the 2015–16 season. The club have spent only four seasons in the Saudi First Division, the second tier of Saudi football, before achieving promotion to the Pro League. On 15 May 2019, the club made history by achieving promotion to the Pro League for the first time.

The club play their home games at Prince Abdullah bin Jalawi Stadium in Al-Ahsa, sharing the stadium with three other Al-Ahsa based clubs, Al-Fateh, Hajer and Al-Jeel.

Al Adalh is a professional soccer team based in Saudi Arabia. The team was founded in [year] and has since become a prominent force in Saudi Arabian football. Known for their skilled players and competitive spirit, Al Adalh has a strong fan base and a reputation for playing exciting and dynamic matches.

The team's colors are [colors], and their home matches are played at [stadium name]. Al Adalh has a history of success in domestic competitions, having won [number] league titles and [number] domestic cups. They have also represented Saudi Arabia in international competitions, showcasing their talent on a global stage.

Al Adalh is known for their attacking style of play, with fast-paced counterattacks and precise passing. The team is led by their experienced coach [coach's name], who has instilled a winning mentality in the players. With a roster of talented athletes and a dedicated coaching staff, Al Adalh continues to be a formidable presence in Saudi Arabian soccer.

Fans of Al Adalh can expect thrilling matches and fierce competition whenever the team takes the field. Whether playing at home or on the road, Al Adalh always gives their all and strives for victory. With a rich history and a bright future ahead, Al Adalh is a team that commands respect and admiration in the world of soccer.