CSA One Day Cup Division 2 09/27 08:00 - Knights vs Mpumalanga Rhinos View
Plunket Shield 03/06 11:00 - Mpumalanga Rhinos vs Easterns View
Plunket Shield 03/14 11:00 - Mpumalanga Rhinos vs Limpopo Impalas View
Plunket Shield 03/18 11:00 - Northern Cape Heat vs Mpumalanga Rhinos View
Plunket Shield 03/21 11:00 - South Western District vs Mpumalanga Rhinos View
Plunket Shield 03/24 11:00 - Mpumalanga Rhinos vs Knights View

Mpumalanga, also known as the Mpumalanga Rhinos, are a South African first-class cricket team representing the province of Mpumalanga. They have their headquarters in Witbank and play their home games at Uplands College in White River.

The Mpumalanga Rhinos cricket team is a professional cricket team based in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa. The team was established in 2004 and has since then been a prominent team in the South African domestic cricket circuit. The team is known for its strong batting and bowling line-up, which has helped them win several matches and tournaments over the years.

The Mpumalanga Rhinos cricket team comprises of talented and experienced players who are known for their exceptional skills and performance on the field. The team is led by a dynamic captain who is known for his strategic planning and leadership skills. The team has a strong support staff that includes experienced coaches, physiotherapists, and trainers who work tirelessly to ensure that the players are in top form.

The Mpumalanga Rhinos cricket team has a strong fan base and enjoys a loyal following from cricket enthusiasts in the region. The team plays its home matches at the Mbombela Stadium, which is a state-of-the-art cricket stadium that can accommodate thousands of spectators.

Overall, the Mpumalanga Rhinos cricket team is a formidable force in South African domestic cricket and is known for its competitive spirit, exceptional talent, and strong team spirit.