Germany Landespokal 05/25 09:45 - FC Mühlhausen v Sandhausen L 0-8
Germany Verbandsliga 05/15 17:30 - FC Muhlhausen 1927 v FC Zuzenhausen L 0-6
Germany Verbandsliga 05/10 17:30 - FC Muhlhausen 1927 v VfB Eppingen W 3-2
Germany Verbandsliga 04/14 12:00 - FC Muhlhausen 1927 v VfR Gommersdorf D 0-0
Germany Verbandsliga 04/07 10:00 - Waldhof Mannheim II v FC Muhlhausen 1927 W 0-3
Germany Verbandsliga 03/24 14:00 - FC Astoria Walldorf II v FC Muhlhausen 1927 L 3-1
Germany Landespokal 03/13 18:00 - FC Mühlhausen v FC Astoria Walldorf W 3-1
Germany Landespokal 11/01 13:00 - FC Muhlhausen 1927 v FV Mosbach W 5-1
Germany Landespokal 07/30 13:00 - FC Weiler 1946 v FC Mühlhausen W 0-7
Germany Verbandsliga 05/16 17:00 - VfB Bretten v FC Muhlhausen 1927 W 2-6
Germany Verbandsliga 04/02 13:00 - FC Astoria Walldorf II v FC Muhlhausen 1927 D 2-2
Germany Landespokal 03/14 18:00 - Pforzheim v FC Muhlhausen 1927 L 5-0


Matches played 8 5 3
Wins 5 3 2
Draws 0 0 0
Losses 3 2 1
Goals for 22 11 11
Goals against 21 18 3
Clean sheets 2 0 2
Failed to score 2 2 0

Wikipedia - FC Union Mühlhausen

FC Union Mühlhausen is a German football club from Mühlhausen, Thuringia.


The club was founded in 1972 after the merger of BSG Post and BSG Motor. As BSG Union Mühlhausen the team played most of the times in the Bezirksliga, the third level. In 1989, the team promoted to the DDR-Liga but was demoted after only one season. After German reunification the team took the name SV Union. After a merger in 1994 with Fitniss 90, the team took the name SV 1899 Mühlhausen, in memory of the legendary club that played in the local football before World War II. FC Germania, its predecessor was one of the founding members of the German Football Association (Deutscher Fussball Bund or German Football Association) at Leipzig in 1900.

In 1997, the football department became independent again as FC Union Mühlhausen. SV 1899 remained active in football but plays at lower levels. FC Union Mühlhausen won promotion to the tier six Thüringenliga in 2010 and has been playing at this level until 2016, achieving a third-place finish as its best result in 2013–14. A 15th-place finish in 2015–16 meant relegation to the Landesklasse for the club.

FC Muhlhausen 1927 is a historic soccer team based in Muhlhausen, Germany. Established in 1927, the club has a rich tradition and a loyal fan base. The team competes in various leagues and tournaments, showcasing their skill and passion for the sport.

FC Muhlhausen 1927 is known for their strong work ethic, teamwork, and determination on the field. They have a talented roster of players who are dedicated to achieving success and representing their club with pride. The team's colors are red and white, symbolizing their unity and strength.

Off the field, FC Muhlhausen 1927 is actively involved in the local community, organizing events and initiatives to support youth development and promote the sport of soccer. The club has a strong sense of camaraderie and sportsmanship, making them a respected and admired team in the region.

Overall, FC Muhlhausen 1927 is a respected and competitive soccer team with a long-standing history and a bright future ahead. Their commitment to excellence and passion for the game make them a force to be reckoned with on the field.